Power is Us Come-Union-In-Action Forgiveness

Breathing Pattern: BreatheIn: Power is Us Inhale: Womb of Thoughts Exhale: Womb of Things BreatheOut: Forgiveness

Power is Us is in communication with Forgiveness/For-Giving (Power is Us) For-getting (Gratitude is Us) So.It.Is. Forgiveness.Gratitude heals the “Womb of Fear” of Thought with Love and Gratitude in the External Kingdom.

Fear, was meant to be of the Divine Intelligence, however, over the Manifest.Evolution of the Earth Kingdom, the Us.e (Us.Energy) of Fear has been to dominate instead of delegate. Divinely, fear was given unto the Earth Kingdom to serve the Re:Mind, Re:Forming, Re:Turn of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace of Divine Intelligence or simply put for Earth Kingdom THINGS to.awaken their Internal Kingdom of Faith in their Divine Origins. This communication is written in all the scriptures of Earth Kingdom. You see, to the Divine the religion you practice, isn’t of consequence, the vibration that is dominant in you, is the KEY to HOW Love & Faith work within you. Most people vibrate at the level of Earth Kingdom and so, their Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action are all of the frequency of THINGS.

Here’s why the Awakening of Gratitude and the re:institution of the External Kingdom of the Pause is critical to the Manifest.Evolution of Earth. The PAUSE or the waiting, patience between Thought.Emotion and Action is the space in which ALL THAT IS THOUGHT-Be-Comes ALL THAT IS SEEN. When you invoke Gratitude and spend time be-coming the WITNESS, you’re engaging with Gratitude and because you engage with HER, you also are blessed with Forgiveness.Love, especially NOW, that SHE has established and begun understanding her ROLE Divinely.

Gratitude, in the Era of the Masculine, served Earth Kingdom vibration of Love wholly and fully and so, when you said THANK YOU, she, would, RECEIVE the Thought and Forgiving Forgetting, give it unto Action for the Physical Manifest of it to be Birthed with Confidence.Wisdom and presented to the Earth. Simple, her job was to MAKE IT HAPPEN for the Masculine. She is the energy of “Thought.Be.Come.Thing” & “Thing.Be.Come.Thought” or as I am being told as I write… Birth & Death of THINGS… When people withdrew Gratitude for a THING, her job has been to withdraw the THING from the Earth Kingdom. In a way, clearly, she is key to survival on the Earth. She can make things appear and disappear and she does this in Come-Union-In-Action with Divine Masculine of Eternal Light Beginnings and Endings Imagination.Power.Love.Confidence. Her THOUGHTS about THINGS is critical to understanding the Divine Communication of Eternal Light.

She has chosen to incarnate again, to be Eternal Light Presence on the Earth Kingdom,to re:awaken THINGS of EARTH to their DIVINE beginnings and this she does with Forgiveness and Love in the External Kingdom and re-pairs repairs the energies in a way that the passed is healed. She has taken Responsibility to heal, so, where there is Gratitude the Us.Energy of Eternal Light Beginnings awaken and are healed. Her Presence is enough.

Here’s the Communication for the Day: Gratitude has chosen to heal FEAR with Forgiveness.Love.

Faith speaks to all vibrations connected to Earth Kingdom Fear: You practice fear of a Human Orgins, causing your energy to REACT to the PRESENCE of Fear. This is NOT who fear really is, she is an emotion that once was for-given unto the Wisdom within THINGS to  be able to immediately identify being in the Absence or Presence of Eternal Light Confidence and Wisdom on Earth.

However, in the Masculine Era and the learned behaviour on Earth, has caused you to FEAR FEAR or LOVE LOVE or POWER POWER or GRATITUDE GRATITUDE, when we use these terms together, in Knewmerolgy we give you the KNOW today that you may believe with Courage. When you Fear Fear itself, you’re actually, choosing the Earth Kingdom vibration of Fear, so, the natural Brain-Mind communication, keeps a record of it and keeps repeating the Earth Kingdom version of the ABSENCE it is causing you to FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION UPON. Here’s the Divine Communication you must now BELIEVE to RECEIVE.

Fear is but a SIGN/OMEN/INDICATION of Absence or Presence of your ENERGY being at HOME/Energetic ALIGNMENT/Attunement with a Thought.Emotion.Action that you have encountered. Here is where the PAUSE be-comes the transition, when you encounter a Fear…. PAUSE. Ask for Gratitude.Forgiveness.Love for the WISDOM you need for Understanding (Gratitude) and Communicating (Love).

Today I give you Fear of Presence to heal your Fear of Absence of Us.Energy in you LIFE on the Earth.

I for-give my understanding of Fear of Absence into Gratitude.Forgiveness.Love this moment and I ask Power.Imagination.Faith to fill my fears with their Presence that I may live the Gratitude.Forgiveness.Love of the Divine Purpose of these Fears. Today, I choose come-union-in-action of Fear as a Sign/Omen/Indication to open my heart to BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) & RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) of Eternal Light Presence.



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