Prayer Come-Union-In-Action with Imagination

 Breathing Pattern : BreatheIn Prayer Inhale Womb of Thought Exhale Womb of Things BreatheOut Imagination

Hello there, I am communication and this month, I am being us-e (Us.Energy) with L.O.V.E to help you bring the 6 months of the year of KnewEndings to the next phase, from  the Womb of Thoughts we’ve shared into the Womb of Things you’ve chosen in Thought. I hope you’ve chosen experiences that “Come-Union-In-Action” bring you more joy and clarity than you’ve ever experienced before.

Date Energy: 1|7|2017 or Imagination| Love| Forgiveness.Imagination.Eternal-Light.Love

We’ve now stepped into the THIRD quarter of the Year of KnewEndings time to CONSOLIDATE and ACTIVATE Eternal Light Blessings on that which we want to experience and begin with Love this month and be-come aware of the Masculine-Feminine balance Next month, Wisdom RECEIVES her KnewEnding with the Masculine, Thoughts.Be-Come.Things and in September we’re going to experience Confidence of BELIEVE Things be-come Thoughts that will Manifest.Evolution in the 4th Quarter with Love.

You partake, consciously and subconsciously in a stream of communication with each breath you breathe, so, focus your attention on the Breathing Pattern shariged with you each day, in this way, you are setting the communication pattern to vibrationally connect with the vibrational pattern of the day, allowing you to deliberately activate L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression)

Today be patient with yourself, this is a huge energy shift being activated in prayer communication and all you are expected to do is speak to Love to be-come your point of communication with the Womb of Things your Thoughts are focused upon.

Prayers are scripted by Religion to vibrationally connect things within the community/Come-Unity, so, you are most welcome to choose prayers you’re connected with and the vibrational expressions of your understanding of Divine. Just have fun, love’s energy is childlike and so, think like a child, focus like a child and have fun, there is nothing that is more important that your THOUGHTS today, Imagination becomes your Imagine.Action in prayer, remember, any Action you take with Love, is a prayer. Cooking for the family. Sending a text to a friend you’ve had on your mind. Even doing nothing to give your body rest is a prayer. Everytime, you make a choice and you ACT upon it, you’re living the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression. Engaging your Human/Earth Incarnation with Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action.

Yes, today, everything has Divine Potential to be-come a thing. Honour your Imagination: Close your EYES and IMAGINE a giant screen in the SKY and read the words on it and sit with these words and ask them to communicate with you, the reason of them being included in your Imagine.Action. Experiment with the Breathing Pattern and notice the words that you become consciously aware of, be patient with your self, remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day… and you’ve been around longer than this moment and lived Earth Kingdom frequencies of Divine Light, it maybe a little over or under whelming as you become aware of the Love lit heart that is healing your PASSED within you… there will be a little tingling, a little hot flashes and the feeling of sleep… this is the effects of the pure energy of Love filling your heart  and awakening the 8 other energies into the Presence.

Thoughts Be –Come Things, Things Be- Come Thoughts



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