Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Us Eternal Light

Breathing Pattern : BreatheIn: Us Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought BreatheOut: Eternal Light

You have repeatedly been told how to define Us and if you were to look back, the most difficult relationship to detach from is where you’ve begun using the word “Us”. Take a moment to “Pause” with Forgiveness Gratitude and re:call the different people or things you’ve used to understand the Us of your life. Us, is one of the most potent relationship words used Eternally, Internally, Externally and on Earth. Us, is the vibration of “Unlimited.Synergy”, therefore the deepest Thought.Emotion.Action is deeply rooted in the meaning you give to the “Us” you are on Planet Earth.

L.O.V.E (Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression) thrives on “Us Energy”. Now, notice, the “things” you are connected to with the power-filled vibration of “Us”. You’ll need a clean sheet of paper or a brand new page in your journal, take a moment now, to write down the “Us” that your Thought.Emotion.Action is connected with… around you will notice the pattern, you are governed internally by a sense of Us that is external to you. These, who you have learnt to live your Us with are your roots on the Earth Kingdom. The Us, you identify with be-come your co-energy. Practically speaking, CHOICE is a sum total of Us Energy you practice internally.

It is time to re:instate “Us.Energy” and today is the day to do so, it is the month of understanding and the greatest gift you can give unto your-self is the Understanding of Us Eternal Light. So.It.Is

You will all-ways seek that which you are not, be-cause your vibration wants to be-come it! It is okay, it is wise and yet, it can be the greatest teacher of ALL. Remember, because you are incarnate on the Earth Kingdom, it is your gift to live WITH things that resonate with your dominant thought.emotion.pause.action because that is HOW you Manifest.Evolution (ME)

Understanding Us, Energy: To gratitude, us energy is birthed in the Womb of Thought, she thinks and she feels and she vibrationally sets a THOUGHT.EMOTION, that she chooses to Experience for her-self and others. She “Pauses” to be-come the Emotion (Faith) and Power steps in and with Gratitude raises the Thought.Emotion into Himself and be-comes the Action.

On Earth, well, Confidence in Thought.Action-Ability and Wisdom of Emotion.Pause-Ability of the Power Gratitude becomes a THING you call an experiment, experience, example, exit, exhibit, expansion, expression of the Thought.Emotion. Ex – re: presents represents the External Kingdom Pause, don’t confuse ex with your old flame, that is human. However, if you were to re:member with the Us Energy you shared with the person/thing, you’ll notice, that you learnt that the reason why the person/thing stepped into your experience, was to serve your focus on the gap between the “Us you Need and the Us you Want.”

Also, a very critical reason why the Earth Planet, version of  “Thoughts Be-Come Things” contradicts the Eternal Light perspective of “Things Be-Come Thoughts” shift becomes essential to the transition from the Passed into the Now and from the Now into the future. The key is to work on your Us Energy with the THINGS you want, creating a firm foundation as you “Pause” with Forgiveness Gratitude to RECEIVE the Forgiveness.Wisdom you NEED to RECEIVE what you WANT. So.It.Is

Here’s all I need you to do today, create a circle … remember… the circle represents Eternal Light and within this circle, write down the THINGS you WANT  in another parallel circle write down the THINGS you NEED. In a third circle, write down the things you HAVE … now compare the three… you will be surprised!

Earth Kingdom, is a place where everything you need is provided for, the skill to develop while you’re here, is to NOTICE that your provisions are always met because you are a sum total of 9 vibrations of Eternal Light:

You Are Imagination

You Are Forgiveness

You Are Us

You Are Power

You Are Faith

You Are Gratitude

Your Are Love

You Are Wisdom

You are Confidence

You are a sum total of the 9 Eternal Light expressions of  Himself, present in ALL THAT IS and this this the depth of the Us Energy you represent in the flesh of Divine Beginnings.

It is now time for you to begin your US Energy discovery, that Things may receive you and you may receive THINGS. For the first time, you are given the freedom to include.amplify.expand THINGS to meet the divine thought of their presence in your life. It is time to set your INTENTION to RECEIVE the Us Energy of the Womb of Things to serve your Womb of Thought as we step into the month of COMMUNICATION, July, with Love. Things await making their grand entry into your Earth Kingdom with Confidence.Wisdom, that these things are meant for you to awaken their Divine Destiny into Purpose, that their time on Earth may serve Eternal Light.

Today in Gratitude is Us, it is time to Live Love the Womb of Things allowing forgiveness gratitude to bring us the Wisdom they have come here to for-give Us. May the Us Energy you are expand to include, things.



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