Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Confidence

Breathing Pattern : Breathe In(Mouth): Forgiveness Inhale (nose): Womb of Things Exhale (Nose): Womb of Thought Breathe Out(mouth): Confidence.

We have 3 energies coming into union today, yay! Love Forgiveness Confidence and if you go by the numbers, you are also breathing in Imagine-Action.Confidence and returning back into Forgiveness. I am not saying it Knewmerology is just beginning to speak for itself. 29 2+9=11=2 or Forgiveness + Confidence = Imagination Confidence =Forgiveness. The date 29|6|2017 reads : Forgiveness.Confidence| Gratitude| Forgiveness Eternal Light Imagination Love. So.It.Is Such a fun-day to re-view the month before we establish the Now.Earth Us “Gratitude is Us” tomorrow, the 30th day of Understanding|Gratitude of the the year of KnewEndings.

Breathing through the Mouth is Grounding and inhaling and exhaling through the nose is Shielding. So, as long as you are aware of the pattern of breath you can choose to alternate the process to step into the energy. I have often caught myself Inhaling and Breathing Out and I am reminded by thought, that what I am doing is energising the Womb of things with the date energy, which is allowing the vibrations of the day to be-come active for my earth life. It is important to bring your attention to the breathing pattern you have chosen by default.

Like, right now, I am writing, and my  Breathing Pattern is Inhale Exhale, which means I am in communication with the Womb of Things and Womb of Thoughts that are being written. Interesting right, when I am feeling dense, I realise, I breathe Out strongly, emptying myself of the density. None of this I do on purpose, it is the Divine Intelligence that brings to my attention that which I need to KNOW in the exact moment that I need the COURAGE to continue the PROCESS. Just sharing my personal experiences of Thought be-come Thing, so you know that as I experience I share, that you may experience with me, the awareness being for-given unto us, for-getting from where we ARE to where our Energy is meant to expand.

Understanding of the Month:

  1. Forgiveness enters the Kingdom of “Pause” to be the Mother, Gratitude needs to settle into her new role as the Pause, for all energies, choosing to re:enter re:form and re:turn into Action with Confidence.Wisdom into the NowEarth to lay the foundation of the KnewEarth
  2. L.O.V.E expands to be-come the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression of the Now.Earth
  3. Love be-comes the Expression of Emotion. Love is Thought, Forgiveness is the Womb of Thought, so, when love expands in union with Faith (Emotion) they become the “Expression”.
  4. “IF” invokes Imagination.Forgiveness now expanded into “Imagine-Action For-giving For-getting” so, they can work together and independently with the Parents of the Earth Kingdom of Confidence.Wisdom. So.It.Is
  5. Gratitude be-comes External Kingdom “Pause” between the Internal and Earth Kingdom and she chooses to Embrace Power that all of the vibrations she raises within the Pause, be-come Action of the Earth Kingdom
  6. Forgiveness re:turns to Mother Wisdom to be the mother of the Womb of Things, with her. Such a power-filled return of Forgiveness, re:establishing the Divine Parenting of Vibrational Kingdoms bringing them into Sync with the Now.Earth
  7. Confidence surrenders to Forgiveness and receives Wisdom as his partner again, the come-union of Confidence.Wisdom, the Earth Kingdom is Established in continuum of the External Kingdom of Gratitude.
  8. We came to understand there are 4 kingdoms and through the gift of the Womb of Kingdoms Forgiveness, making her presence FELT, the WOMB OF THINGS is the resurrection of Forgiveness Now.Earth expansion in her come-union with the masculine, be-comes the TransAction of the Womb of Things: TransAction: For-giving and For-getting
  9. The grand story of understanding with Gratitude emerged on the 26th of June, Forgiveness.Gratitude, be-comes Wisdom of the Womb of Things and this establishes the return of the Womb of Thought- be-comes- Womb of Things
  10. Womb of Things  connects the Divine to the Earth expansions they have become, the re:turn of the Kingdom of Eternal Light is established. All Divine Frequencies present WITHIN THINGS has begun to AWAKEN.
  11. Human’s are but THINGS awaiting the awakening of the THOUGHT they were conceived of
  12. Forgiveness Confidence, the finale is the most power-filled remainder that the Now.Earth Beginnings are here to LIVE LOVE and Be-come their Earth Kingdom expansions with the Womb of Things.
  13. Their Confidence comes from their Mother (Forgiveness) stepping in to be-come their TransAction, their confidence in THINGS IS now, Divinely Ordered into Manifest.Evolution. So.It.Is
  14. Thoughts Be-Come Things in the Pause with Forgiveness.Gratitude and are birthed on the planet through Wisdom with Confidence in Imagine-Action of L.O.V.E
  15. Faith be-comes Emotion/Water/Money-Wealth/Grounding
  16. Forgiveness be-come Earth/Heart/Womb of Vibration/Mother/For-giving For-getting and every THING awakens to her presence within and in doing so, retreats to be re-formed in “Womb of Gratitude” to be-come a THING of Action upon the Earth
  17. Love expands we’ve already shared that with you, here’s the biggest expression of Eternal Light Thought… Love be-comes Communication of the vibrations of the Womb of Things. Love is going to be a natural expression of THINGS, prepare for a whole new expression (Thought.Emotion) of Love.
  18. Believe is Now: Imagine.Action.Confidence
  19. Receive is Now: For-giving Forgetting.Wisdom
  20. Masculine: Thought.Action-Ability
  21. Feminine: Emotion.Pause-Ability
  22. You are ENERGY is revealed within you that you may live the energy vibration of the unique self of you here on Earth as you would in Eternal Light presence
  23. You Are … the NOW of their PRESENCE upon the Earth Believe:Receive




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