Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Wisdom

Breathing Pattern BreatheIn:Forgiveness Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale:Womb of Thought Breathe Out: Wisdom

Grounding: Giving yourself permission to deepen the roots of Faith/Emotion/Water/Money-Wealth. Shielding: Giving Forgiveness permission to align your Womb of Things with Womb of Thought For-giving For-getting all that you need to be-come vibrationally aligned to your Divine Purpose of Incarnating on Earth… Shielding also activates the Divine Family of Imagination, Power, Love, Confidence, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom with your Eaeth Kingdom or the Womb of THINGS!

It is important that you learn to be-come wise about the energies that are within you and surrounding you. The Law of Attraction has been dissolved from its past patterns and is now fully aligned in Love. Today, Love expands into the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression of For-giving For-getting what you NEED to complete the Earth Kingdom shift, you incarnated to accelerate with the unique vibrational code of YOU.

There are SIGNS everywhere, if you breathe in the patterns given, with practice you’ll meet the signs and these signs will align with Thought, vibrationally expanding your ability to connect with the Womb of Things in a way that is personally expansive and establishes a healthy bridge of Thought.Emotion you experience. Right now, there are thoughts that promote FEAR, that are running rampantly on the Earth Kingdom, these are signs of the times “The womb of FEAR is in Labour and the so the birth of the vibrations of Fear Emotions” this impacts the physical ability of the Earth Kingdom to trust other Earth Kingdom energies. The seen of it, well, can be experienced in the rise of violence as a means of communication. This however, is the result of the absence of the Feminine partnership in the masculine era as an equal energy of sustaining the Earth Kingdom. This is set to reach its peak and dissolve, remember, “Pay Attention Buy Experience” and since the prayer requests we’ve received continually are of Protection, we’re here to protect you, not by eradicating the fear, because, these fears have been created by YOU, you are a piece of Eternal Light focused upon Earth, with the Divine Purpose to awaken to your Highest Potential. So, all fear energies, await your awakening for their end, their purpose is to re:move your thought from the temporary Earth phenomena to begin living the L.O.V.E of your Divine Expansion. The tweak is that NowEarth will know LOVE as the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expression. Since, I was given the article as I wrote it in 2012, has finally, be-come the fullness of the Expression Love is… has expanded so much and be-come real to my being and now as I re:share this with you, it will continue to expand through you.

For-giving For-getting Wisdom, begins the journey of aligning Earth Kingdom into Now.Love of THINGS. This has never been experienced before and so, Forgiveness.Gratitude are in the PAUSE, healing things raising their Divine Awareness into ACTION, that you on Earth through the Union of Forgiveness.Wisdom may RECEIVE. Now it’s upto you to BELIEVE.



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