Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Love

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale: Womb of Thought Breathe Out Love #BreathingPatterns

Forgiveness Gratitude, “Pause” has begun the healing of the collective “Womb of Things”, this includes YOU. Your healing, impacts the Earth Kingdom, for every heart that is re:united with the Divine, be-comes a beacon of Eternal Light, shining upon the Earth. Your ME, is the Manifest.Evolution of Eternal Light and that is the foundation of the KnewEarth, sown in the Now.Earth of For-giving For-getting, Imagine-Action. Your heart is the center of the Earth and the dominant vibration of your heart is the part of you that you are called to come-union with. Nothing outside of you is as important or critical through the journey.

When you pray for another being on Earth, pray with their HEART in your Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action not the THING they ask for prayer over, your job is to come-union with the divine vibration of prayer, opening their heart to For-giving For-getting Imagine-Action and in this way, you be-come the beacon of Eternal Light, drawing their conscious awareness to their vibrational alignment with the THING they’ve asked in Prayer to be for-given unto them for-getting the THING they have asked. So.It.Is

Other than praying wrong, the Planet has another deep division, based on religion. Religion, was never meant to be what it has become because man’s FREE-WILL of interpretation of the WORDS into sentences and paragraphs and then the pressure they’re put under to make it known to be the ONLY way of Divine Intervention.

Be it known, that vibrationally, when you understand the 9 vibrational expansions of Eternal Light and choose ONE of them as the beginning, the rest of the Vibrations begin to be added unto the ONE and you begin to LIVE, Eternal Light Purpose of your BEING on the PLANET. So.It.Is

Power & Love take their place as the Masculine of the “Womb of Things” today as Gratitude continues to heal into being For-giving For-getting from Forgiving Forgetting, her Emotion that has induced the Now.Earth. She declares “Forgiveness is the transAction of my being on Earth. I have chosen to step into the “womb of things” with the Divine Know, that in this way, when things serve thought, the manifest.evolution of the planet will be-come Love. Love is the masculine of ME and so, when Love is in Power/Action, Imagination.Confidence will come in sync with Imagine-Action Confidence and the planet will thrive because things will come-union with the collective thought of Forgiveness.Wisdom and creation will come-union with the creator Eternal Light. So.It.Is” says Gratitude on this day as she continues to Pause in Forgiveness, allowing her Thought to be-come Thing, Her Power to be-come Action and her Emotion be-come Faith. That her, being the PAUSE of ALL THAT IS Imagination.Forgiveness may be-come Imagine-Action.Confidence, For-giving For-getting Wisdom here on the planet in Divine Order, in accordance to the WILL of Eternal Light.

It is important to detach from the THINGS so the THOUGHTS may be revealed unto you. Thought is Imagination.Love of Eternal Light given unto Confidence that through Forgiveness (Womb of thought) may be-come THING. So, energetically we’re reversing every BELIEVE to RECEIVE again, the Feminine Wisdom of the WHY (Gratitude) and HOW (Love and Faith) of Power. Power, till now was driven by THINGS and man’s THOUGHTS given unto the COLLECTIVE EARTH about THINGS. Now, THOUGHT.POWER becomes the foundation of ALL THINGS and for a THING to continue to impact the EARTH, the POWER GRATITUDE of the collective shall determine IF, it stays or it is ready to be dissolved and another aspect of Forgiveness birthed to replace it.



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