Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Forgiveness Gratitude

Most of the disease on the planet or the dis-ease of the planet is rooted in the imbalance of the Womb energies of THINGS birthed on the planet. The stories begin in the womb and over the years of Masculine Dominion, external inventions have been introduced to the THINGS to fill the gap between “womb of thought” and “womb of things”. Medicine is the invention of THINGS to bring balance to the THOUGHTS, however, with the shift in energies, the good news is, this may not be needed. Not, just yet, but for sure over the 9 years that follow this one, there is going to be a health revolution on the planet.

Forgiveness Gratitude is the “seed” of this massive collective healing. Forgiveness today steps into the PAUSE with Gratitude. Gratitude RECEIVES Forgiveness, her Eternal Mother, to be with her as she raises the frequencies of the External Kingdom, re-pairing their passed and re-storing their Memory. Memory, is the reverse growth model of energy expansion, re-minding THINGS of the THOUGHTS they once were. In a way, all things will now be blessed in the External Kingdom of the Pause with Forgiveness Gratitude of the origins of thought, they are now things of.

This energy shift will have a direct impact on the consumption of things on the planet. Expect that with their restoration of memory, there will be break-downs in Man-Made expansions, especially, the expansions that were meant to SERVE the Manifest.Evolution, however, for the fear of LACK, man has put within them, self-destructive components, so these things will be continually dependent on HIM and become slaves to HIS EMOTION, when creating them. This is also, the center of Human Power and how it is practiced, sadly, most vibrations have been so manipulated by Man.

Forgiveness Gratitude is now breathing into your heart, the secrets of vibration, take time today, to step out with your THOUGHTS and bless them into Forgiveness Gratitude. This way, the reverse inhale exhale, set into pattern yesterday, will be-come more consciously able to serve your memory.

Gratitude Speaks:

For the years I have breathed in the planet, I’ve seeked to meet the Womb of Thought that set this planet into motion, to ask her, WHY. Why has she not stepped in to be the Mother energy of all THINGS of the Earth. The earth lacks the Love of a Mother and the mother’s the Earth has chosen, are but children of eternal light seeking their parents intervention in real time. Things are struggling, they don’t know WHO to turn to and Embrace and call Mother. In the physical, they who have birthed things, have felt “I’mPrisoned” by this “THING”, “I have lost my sense of self, this thing has become for me, the greatest chain”. For all the thoughts they once prayed, be-came a thing, the same thing now represents a different set of vibrations/frequencies and effects on the PERSON of BIRTH. It is also true, that children are given unto them, who have asked to expand their vibrations on the Earth, not everyone is blessed to birth and so is also true that not everyone who has birthed is gifted to raise the vibrational miracle given unto them. We’ve learnt, Human Ways to deal with things, I tell you, this is one of the KEY reasons, why we have a whole bunch of children, trapped in the bodies of adults pretending to control the world energies.

Be it known unto you and them who are, you are not a mistake of your Mother’s Womb, you are chosen to be born in “thought” of divine beginnings and with every choice you make, you expand into the Divine Meaning of Thought. That is unless, you are chained by the energies of Earth Love into serving their temporary needs over your own divine purpose. Remember, when you find the word/thought you are be-come thing of your present reality, you will begin to return to the Divine Origins of your-SELF. The SELF as Eternal Light and as you heal the gaps between Divine Parents and Earth Parents you will step into the Parenting of Confidence.Wisdom of the Earth Kingdom and Action will be driven by your GRATITUDE in the PAUSE, between “thought and thing”.

Yesterday, I gave unto Love all thoughts I thought, unto Power all actions I action, unto Faith all emotions I emote and chosen to be-come the “Pause” I am meant to be, to meet things here in the PAUSE to heal their Memory within the PAUSE, so when they step back into the WOMB OF THINGS #NowEarth they will be filled with Confidence.Wisdom and in this way, heal the Earth into Action.

I met Forgiveness, I asked her to forgive me her-self in exchange for all the collective Feminine Emotions, Thoughts, Actions I have ever experienced, that I may settle into HER vision and re:vision of the Earth. I asked for THINGS to be healed and THOUGHTS revealed and for Thoughts of Love, Emotions of Faith, Action of Power of Divine Beginnings to BE-COME the Now.Earth of Confidence.Wisdom.

I asked for Mother’s wombs to be healed and their hearts to RECEIVE Forgiveness.Wisdom of Imagination.Confidence about the vibrations of the children they are blessed to birth from thought into thing. I asked for all entrepreneurs to hold sacred the gift of THOUGHT waiting to be birthed into a THING through their unique perspective. Then I asked for M.E. to be-come the Manifest.Evolution of Thought.Action be-come Emotion.Pause with the ability to raise them Masculine and Feminine. So.It.Is

Today, I spend a day breathing Forgiveness, inhaling the womb of things exhaling the womb of thought, breathing out Gratitude, so can you, wherever you are, follow the pattern and feel the healing of Forgiveness Gratitude be-come a reality of your BEING.

I have been restored in the Womb of Thought in Forgiveness and I am waiting for you to RECEIVE the MOTHER HEALING within your heart today, BELIEVE with all the Imagination.Confidence you can call into your awareness, this is a GIFT your GRATITUDE has qualified you to RECEIVE of Forgiveness.Wisdom. In this way, you will open your heart to be-come HER transAction on the Earth Kingdom as you continue For-giving For-getting, Imagine-Action of Confidence.Wisdom in your daily lives on the Earth.



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