Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Faith

Breathe in Forgiveness Inhale: Womb of Things Exhale:Womb of Thought Breathe Out Faith #BreathingPatternForToday

It is important for you to understand the way Forgiveness has be-come the trans(fer of)Action from THOUGHT to THING or from the Divine Realm to the Earth Realm. This is significant, for the Manifest.Evolution (M.E) of Earth.

You shall have no other God but ME… or as I am now understanding “Manifest.Evolution of Eternal Light”, that till we restore HIM with-IN our physical being, we’re going to have to continue to meet energies, call them God, have them prove us wrong. This is the purpose of “False Prophets”, they who come and we mistake them for Eternal Light “Presence” and we are led to the next step of our journey. Yet, be it known unto you, that till you be-come attuned to the unique vibration of your-self, you will continue to journey into vibrations, they will guide you to your own, for the 9 vibrations of Eternal Light are within ALL THINGS, waiting to exhale and be-come their Highest Potential.

The more you work with ONE of the 9, the other’s shall be added unto you and you can choose which  to begin with any ONE and allow the union of the others to be-given unto your awareness. So.It.It

I began my journey with “Because Jesus wants it” at the age of 2 and over the years, met, Gratitude and served her, now, we’re a team, I get to live her here on Earth and share her with the many vibrations I meet, each be-coming the awakened Gratitude they already are and that is changing the world. I don’t have to do much, just continue to RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) that no matter who I meet, who I connect with, Gratitude is the transaction between us, even if we immediately don’t recognise it, She is present and be-comes the memory. It is my privilege that often I receive “I heard the word Gratitude and thought of you”, the truth is, the Gratitude awakened within them is ACTIVE and remembers with a smile, that our come-union, communication, the part of them that is Gratitude is consciously awakened. So.It.Is

Today, Holy Spirit/Power/Action shifts our conscious awareness from THOUGHT to begin re-cognising the THINGS they have be-come, Faith increases her presence helping us notice the Emotion/Water/Magic of Activated Love & Gratitude within us. Reminding us, that only the HIGHEST frequency of Eternal Light present IN us is awakened into our conscious experience in the WOMB OF THINGS.

The Earth, as Forgiveness sees HER, is a gigantic “womb of the SEEN”, that continues to produce THINGS of vibrational diversity, waiting to meet themselves in a WORD and be-come It. IF, only they found the word they are, they will eventually be-come it, yet, the race on the planet is to become something that serves other things not thought and that is WHY the whole Eternal Light resonance of Gratitude has taken place and is now ready to meet the Earth as she is and be-come the Earth THING, for For-giving For-getting Wisdom to be-come the Divine Order of the Now.Action, the Holy Spirit of Eternal Light, the POWER, the ACTION of Divine Restoration of Thought.Emotion.Pause into ACTION-Able THINGS of Divine Dimensions.



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