Saturday Prayer: Understanding Forgiveness Power

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale:Womb of Thought Exhale: Womb of Things Breathe Out Power

Have you trusted the Divine with something you’re struggling with in your life? Have you prayed and not received? Have you asked and it hasn’t been given? Are there days when you, have turned to heaven and issued an ultimatum? Have you ASKED for Divine Intervention?

Today, is the day you’ve been waiting for to Understand, HIS (EL) mysterious ways and whys. You see, YOU are standing this day in HIS presence as HE anoints Forgiveness, the Divine Feminine to re:enter and re: store and re:establish his Kingdom. The Kingdom of Eternal Light… Above all Kingdoms is the THRONE OF LIGHT! All that is begins within Eternal and ends within Eternal Light. So.It.Is

Eternal Light anoints the Divine Family into their Earth Kingdom Purpose: EL Imagination, NowEarth Imagine-Action, EL Forgiveness NowEarth For-giving For-getting (trans-Action: Every Action is a transfer of Emotion in-to Action for-giving for-getting  Imagine-ACTION. So.It.Is)

This opens up the Earth Kingdom, to RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) of BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) So.It.Is

Forgiveness (2) Power (4) = Gratitude (6) So.It.Is

Forgiveness (2) For-giving For-getting (2) = Power (4) This clearly expands in-to Power being her transaction with Earth. The Power of the “Womb of Thought”. Since Thought is EL Love, Forgiveness is also the “womb of love” So.It.Is

New Moon on Prayer Saturday, is HOW Love and Faith, we also know their NowEarth Expansion is Thought (Love) & Emotion (Faith) connects with THINGS. Remember, without the awareness of Divine Beginnings all that is OF Earth Kingdom is but a THING, waiting to be-come THOUGHT (Love). Things are expansions of (Confidence.Wisdom) placed on the planet waiting for Divine Intervention of “IF”, Imagination.Forgiveness, to awaken.

For a lot of THINGS, today is the day of awakening to their Divine Nature. This is scary for a lot of us, since, we’ve associated, or been taught to associate Spirituality with religion. If you are LIVING your WORD, no matter which word you have chosen, you are a SPIRITUAL BEING of the FREQUENCY of the WORD you have chosen and eventually/event-u-ally you will attract like vibrations to be-come the fullness of the WORD. For most parts the WORD you were given at the time of your BIRTH hold’s the KEY to your VIBRATION. And unto this is added the Knewmerology of the day vibration, date vibration, year vibration(Each number separately and the 4 (Power) numbers together, the time of your birth on the planet. However, the place to begin is to focus on the meaning of your NAME and the vibrations of your NAME to begin with.

It is given to understanding the WORD you’ve been blessed to be-come, here on the Earth Kingdom, for EL to expand through you. Which is WHY, you are unique to your PURPOSE and each person/thing you meet can either add unto you or delete from your vibrations that which has served its purpose. The whole transAction called LIFE!

You are conceived in the “Womb of Thought” and brought forth on the Earth Kingdom to experience the “Womb of Things”. When you experience THINGS, they are awakened to their Divine Origins in the “Womb of Thought”, through the vibrations YOU have awakened with-in YOU. Make it your priority today, to spend time with Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action and meet the THINGS they have be-come for YOU to experience. So.It.Is

For-giving For-getting Power.Action.Us.Experience (P.A.Us.E) with Gratitude that you may RECEIVE Forgiveness.Wisdom in attunement with your BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence). Things are now awakening to their Divine Destiny from the Density of their Earth Kingdom experiences and Gratitude is raising them into Action, their Purpose on Earth.



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