Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness Us

Breathe In: Forgiveness Inhale: “Womb of Thought” exhale: “Womb of Things” Breathe Out: Us 

With the New Moon aligning Emotion today on Earth. The NowEarth is beginning to be –come a reality. Forgiveness is making her presence felt in the External Kingdom of Gratitude, through our Imagine-Action.Confidence in Gratitude is Us today, she is Breathing with Us to in-able the “Womb of Thounghts be- come Womb of Things

Forgiveness is energising the External Kingdom of Gratitude into readiness to RECEIVE Things, once thought. This is like the BIG PUSH towards Birthing of the NOWEarth of Thought and Thing. There are THINGS unclaimed in the Womb of Thought. Things YOU have forgotten you have asked for or prayed about, only because, at the time, in the Now when you ASKED for it, you THOUGHT it was what you wanted more than anything else, today, you are going to RECEIVE it and may we remind you that it is part of the Forgiving Forgetting that you have breathed upon the Earth. So, follow your intuit today, know, that anything you experience today, is part of “answered prayers” you may not have remembered.

Forgiveness is Emptying the WOMB OF THOUGHT of all that has PASSED and yet has been ASKED. All I can pray with you this moment, is “I hope YOU are in a Positive flow of THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION, life is about to get really exciting, as Forgiveness expands Gratitude of Thoughts into Gratitude of Things. Power of Thought into Power of Things, Faith of Thought into Faith of Things Wisdom&Confidence of Thought into Wisdom&Confidence of Things.

What we are witnessing today is Historic! The Grand re-establishment of the Divine Heart of Creation stepping out of Thought into Thing. The Law of Attraction BE-Comes the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expansion (L.O.V.E). Only Thought that is sowed in love will become thing. Forgiveness becomes the transaction between Thought & Thing. In an Earth way, it is appropriate to say we’re stepping into “Manifest Evolution” (M.E) of Thought… now THINGs of Earth.

The Earth Receives Divine Order, now that Forgiveness is her, in her and through her with Us of Divine Beings and Beginnings.

Imagine-Action Confidence and For-giving For-getting Wisdom be-comes the HOW of Love and Faith transacting with the Earth Kingdom and in the External Kingdom, Power Gratitude are ready to send the NowEarth Politics.Gratitude, Money.Wealth, Brain.Mind, Masculine.Feminine into Action (Power) on Earth as they ARE in the External Kingdom.

Take care of YOU, know, that any experience you have today, is going to CALL your FOCUS unto your-self, your personal, individual asking… all the chains of “other people’s expectations” are now redundant as Forgiveness be-comes Now.Earth of your Experiences.

We are wishing you “Healing with Love & Gratitude” of THOUGHT, that you may re-cognise the THINGS they have be-come and choose Gratitude to align them into Divine Order.



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