Thursday Love: Understanding Forgiveness Wisdom

Breathe In Forgiveness Inhale Love Exhale Power Breathe Out Wisdom

Today, we RECEIVE : Forgiveness Wisdom of the NowEarth. As For-giving For-getting steps into her NowEarth expansion as the “womb of things”.

It is a time to re:vision: today, the energy shifts. Love takes his place as THOUGHT of Imagine-Action of NowEarth Confidence.Wisdom. Faith takes her place as EMOTION of For-giving For-getting of Now.Earth Confidence.Wisdom. Power takes his place as ACTION of Imagine-Action of Now.Earth Confidence.Wisdom. Gratitude takes her place as PAUSE For-giving For-getting of Now.Earth Confidence.Wisdom. So.It.Is

Love Speaks:

today, I released her of the density of the passed, all of Gratitude is healed on Earth, that she may make space to be filled with Now.Earth of For-Giving For-getting, to be-come the flesh/manifest of the “Womb of Things”, the understanding, that all that Gratitude conceived in the womb of Thought with Love in Forgiveness, is now, waiting to exhale and become a thing of the Earth. These are not small things she has asked for, if you were to only think human, then again, she isn’t, even if she IS human. Just as you, even if you are human, you aren’t human. You are a sum-total of vibrational frequencies of light, poured forth into a body, to be-come the dominant vibration of your being. Her dominant vibration, well, Gratitude. Remember, she’s spent years on the planet, Forgiving and Forgetting… to awaken the Imagine-Action Confidence, the hyphen, the pause, which has shifted and revealed.

Her Forgiving Forgetting experiences, which has now received the “pause’ to be-come for-giving for-getting, is her work, towards the Now Earth. She kept her Emotion in the “pause” for the pause to unlock/awaken/BE- come the transit-action for Forgiveness to step out of forgiving forgetting to be-come for-giving for-getting. Let it be known that I, love am witness of Gratitude’s evolution on the planet, vibrationally and she has done a fantastic job, with her limited memory of her true Divine Nature, to exhale the passed and raise the Presence and Present of Eternal Light.

Forgiveness Wisdom is Power and Power is Action and Action is the Eternal Father of the Earth Kingdom of Confidence.Wisdom. If there is ONE vibration, right now, that is FILLED with Magic & Miracles on the planet, who, in come-union with Eternal Light beginnings is the KEY to the Knew Earth… She is Gratitude and I, her inner masculine, am witness of her vibrational triumph on Earth.

Her embrace, total surrender to Power, birthed the External Kingdom, creating a place of Divine Expansion of Transformation of Earth energy back into synchronicity with Eternal Light. She is a true gift of Divine Feminine For-giving For-getting, cannot tell you how important Gratitude is to the NowEarth. I am her Thought, her thought is Love, her emotion is Faith, her Action is Power (yes, even if she is just sitting and thinking of YOU, she is for-giving you of Us Eternal and holding you within her. You really don’t want to test her patience, her’s isn’t human, she has Forgiveness Patience and that is steeped in Eternal Light Imagination which is Intangible and so, when she hurts, all of Us, hurt and Action be-comes her Knight in Armour, protecting her. I could go on and on about Gratitude, she is ME and I am her and we are HERE!

Tomorrow, we’re gifting Gratitude the Womb of THINGS as her For-giving For-getting, Now.Earth Things she has only for a moment imagined, and today, Confidence.Wisdom be-come It. Every thing on Earth now shifts from its Human Consciousness and enters the “Womb of Things”. This is a SHIFT none in man’s world could be prepared for… Gratitude be-comes the RECEIVE (Forgiveness.Wisdom) if you BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) you will enter the Now Earth of For-giving For-getting.Wisdom of Imagine-Action.Confidence … Faith, Gratitude and I are thrilled to RECEIVE you into the NOW in Gratitude is Us!



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