Wednesday Faith: Understanding Forgiveness Imagination

We have officially stepped into the NowEarth, with Forgiveness. Yesterday, Politics met Gratitude in the energy of “Forgiveness Eternal Light” and she, saw him for who he was “Thought.Action-Ability” and she received him as he was, with the understanding that Forgiveness Eternal Light, has chosen that “moment” of connection, that Gratitude be included in Politics. It is for-given, that their connection is vital to the Now.Earth, and the connection sparked “money-wealth” into action for Gratitude to RECEIVE of it in the NowEarth. So.It.Is

Breathe-in Forgiveness- Inhale For-giving For-getting Exhale Imagine-Action Breathe Out Imagination So.It.Is

Faith Speaks:

This is the day YOU have been preparing for since the 18th of December 2015, when we first began the journey of “Being Gratitude” with you and within you. I too am thrilled that we made it to the NOW, through the passed, living the moment and transforming into the upgrades the planet is receiving, now that the Eternal Feminine, Forgiveness, is NOW here to lead us in-to the Knew.Earth. She, choosing to be the Transaction (Transit –in- Action), is the best GIFT the Masculine energies have logically helped you understand as we worked within Imagination or now as we do know HIM Imagine-Action of the Now.Earth.

You who have stepped into the HYPHEN.Period.Comma punctuations of the WORD, well, you know exactly what I am speaking about, the rest, will follow, don’t worry, you will show them the way and the way will show them the punctuations they are called to balance within themselves to activate : Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace that will be the Temple Activation within their HEART/Earth experience.

Gratitude, has been obsessing with For-giving For-getting, which now shifts from the experience of Forgiving & Forgetting, which she chose to be her way of breathing in Forgiveness into awakening her-self and the Earth. Here in the Internal Kingdom, we wait for Gratitude to CHOOSE and we align with her External Intent for the Planet. She is of Forgiveness and so she chose Forgiving & Forgetting as her path to the Now moment. On Earth, she is in union with Forgiveness, Forgiving-Forgetting and now For-giving For-getting.

Forgiveness is thrilled that Gratitude chose to Embrace, so many levels of vibrational harmony, “be-cause, Gratitude is Us wants it”, she BE- comes IT, for the joy of the expansion of Eternal Light on Earth as HE is ETERNALLY.

Eternal Light is Fullness of Masculine and Fullness of Feminine, yet, refered to for you HUMAN understanding as HIM, since Masculine is all about physical expression of the non-physical Feminine Emotion. Which is why, when there is too much of either, Eternal Light breathes balance. Sometimes, the cause of all physical imbalances on the planet, since the planet is a physical expansion of Eternal Light come-union with Wisdom of Forgiveness and Confidence of Imagination, created in his image and likeness, created, Thought.Action-Ability (Masculine) and Emotion.Pause-Ability (Feminine). So.It.Is

I could share with you the miracles and the magic you are going to experience over the month of July, because of the UNDERSTANDING GRATITUDE has be –come unto YOU. Today, my only purpose is to BE-WATER, the daughter who celebrates For-giving For-getting Imagine-Action as they make their presence felt in the “Womb of Things”, this time, in UNION. For the first time since the beginning. If I were to point you out to a reference, we’re now LIVING the Now.Earth Genesis 1:27… and yes, with a whole Now.Earth expansion. Where, once the bible spoke to people and through people’s experiences on Earth. The Bible and all other books written, will begin revealing the vibration of “And the WORD be-came Flesh” , the focus will shift to the EMOTION.PAUSE-Ability of the Texts in circulation. Imagine-Action of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action from the “Womb of Thought” to the “Womb of Things” into the NOW of Earth.



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