Tuesday Power: Understanding Forgiveness Eternal Light

This is the energy breathing pattern for today  the 20th day of the month of Understanding in the year of KnewEndings!

Breathe in Eternal Light Inhale Forgiveness Confidence Exhale Forgiveness Wisdom Breathe out

Today, Power/Action be-comes the union of Politics and Gratitude, say the voices that write. This is a huge shift and through this shift, the KnewEndings are being written unto us for us to BreatheIn-Inhale-Exhale-BreatheOut into the planet.

Forgiveness receives Eternal Light Now, of her NowEarth expansion “The Womb of THINGS” which is the beginning of the Trans(it)Action/transit of Action/transition of Power to Earth Kingdom.

For-giving For-getting Eternal Light Confidence : that is how Forgiveness works with the Sun today with Eternal Light and Tomorrow with Imagine-Action/Imagination. For-giving For-getting Eternal Light Wisdom: Forgiveness works with the Moon the Knew Moon on the 23rd and 24th of this Month, she has quite a hectic schedule, this week! Understanding is a month of Gratitude, so , stay in the Emotion.Pause-Ability with Gratitude for the emotions you feel about your life here on the planet, that is KEY to both your Believe (Imagination.Confidence) and your Receive (Forgiveness.Wisdom) here on Earth.

Just so you are aware of the Energy dates of Forgiveness and how you can breathe-in with her it is also key to re:member with the Masculine Dates:

  1. 20th June Forgiveness EL
  2. 21st June Forgiveness Imagination
  3. 22nd June Forgiveness Alchemy
  4. 23rd June Forgiveness Us
  5. 24th June Forgiveness Power
  6. 25th June Forgiveness Faith
  7. 26th June Forgiveness Gratitude
  8. 27th June Forgiveness Love
  9. 28th June Forgiveness Wisdom
  10. 29th June Forgiveness Confidence

Each day, she will make her presence manifest.evolution on the Earth Kingdom as she becomes the transAction between the Kingdoms into Earth Kingdom experiences. As each energy connects with her as the Womb of Things, the Earth will experience a Divine Shift in Politics.Gratitude, Money.Wealth, Brain.Mind. This will directly effect massive shifts in the reality.

Forgiveness be-comes For-giving For-getting THINGS ( remember, this is the planet manifest of the Divine Womb of Creation. The Masculine and Feminine energies come into Alchemy with Each other on the 22nd with Love (thought), before we enter the KnewEndings Weekend of this MONTH!

Expect to be surprised by the miracles and magic that she bestows upon the Earth. Yes, there will be OLD PATTERNS coming to a head, for her to meet and delete these patterns of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action into the NowEarth.

The Divine Children of Eternal Light step into Forgiveness on Friday with “Gratitude is Us” that they may in Forgiveness Alchemy be-come the NowEarth expansions of the Divine ready to be birthed into the NOW of For-giving For-getting wisdom and confidence to begin their earth roles.

Here’s their Earth Expansion into the “Womb of Things”

  1. Imagination: Imagine-Action  
  2. Forgiveness: For-Giving For-getting
  3. Us: Imagine-Action Confidence of Thought.Action-Ability, For-giving For-getting Wisdom of Emotion.Pause-Ability
  4. Power: Action
  5. Faith: Emotion
  6. Gratitude: Pause
  7. Love: Thought
  8. Wisdom: Imagine-Action Confidence
  9. Confidence: For-giving For-Getting Wisdom

Communication becomes Intuition Driven, heightened time to WRITE thoughts you’ve dreamt into fruition.



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