Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination Confidence

We’ve stepped into how the Masculine is revealed in WORD to begin to work with Earth Kingdom “Things”. Before we understand the Now of Imagination.Confidence, it is a good moment to exhale the Now Earth, you were for-given yesterday be-come the power-filled YES of this day of Understanding.

When Earth Kingdom celebrated Father’s Day in Power is Us, she Embraced Confidence and in this Embrace, she re:membered her Divine Origin in Forgiveness, that is where she took form and faith and gratitude were added unto her and wisdom and confidence received, “the womb of things” and called her Earth/Heart and through her, origin in  Forgiveness.Wisdom/Root Chakra : “forgiveness be-come For-giving For-getting Wisdom” and with Imagination.Confidence/Solar Plexus Chakra: “Imagination be-come Imagine.Action Confidence”  So.It.Is

“For-giving For-getting Wisdom plus Imagine.Action Confidence be – come NOW Earth”. So.It.Is

Forgiveness speaks:

I know, you have been wondering why this in-form-action took so long to be given unto you, in this way, NOW. There was a time when every-thing on Earth focused upon Thought (EL Love), Emotion (EL Faith) Pause (EL Gratitude) Action (EL Power) in Prayer (EL. Imagination. Forgiveness) every WORD they spoke forth be-came a thing of historic significance and  I , Forgiveness, be-came the trans-Action through Imagine-Action by For-giving For-getting THINGS. This was the BEGINNING of the VIBRATION energy of CONFIDENCE, to whom I, added Wisdom (she is an extension of PEACE, remember, I shared with YOU  when we began this Journey, the Divine Masculine Trinity of Mercy and Peace during the year of Karmic Consolidation (2016) Just a reminder to them who have chosen to read: Divine Feminine Trinity, the seat of Peace is a Come-Union of Forgiveness.Faith.Gratitude and the Divine Masculine Trinity, the seat of Mercy is a come-union of Imagination.Power.Love.)  

Wisdom is the come-union of Peace & Mercy of Divine Order. Which is why she is for-given unto YOU for-getting in sync on Earth with Heaven’s Vision. She was given unto Confidence (Masculine) that she would “be-come” his Emotion (Energy-Motion) on Earth. Confidence be-came center of THINGS. When a THING invoked CONFIDENCE in- it-self, the THING (Please know that “thing” includes every tiny detail of Earth Kingdom) including YOU. So.It.Is

Confidence, is Imagine-Action, Imagination Power to call forth THINGS from THOUGHT and it must come in –to being. Here’s the Divine Order, However, without Emotion.Pause-Ability (Feminine), NO thing can be-come into Thought.Action-Ability (Masculine). As the Earth Kingdom continued to grow, by Divine Design, THINGS be-came the Thought (love) and vibrationally, this caused an imbalance in the Emotion.Pause-Ability (feminine). It is important for you to NOW understand that every single THOUGHT (Love) has the potential to be-come a THING, yes, even the THOUGHT you have spoken with ONE THING within the Earth Kingdom.

Here in the Divine, THINGS are of Earth Kingdom and so are not of CON-tinuum SEQUENCE to energy. The only part of THINGS that is of KEY interest is the FREQUENCY of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action that resides within it, the FREQUENCY of the Inhale-Exhale is where, the DIVINE ACTION comes from PEACE and MERCY, that WISDOM is filled with and so, the Emotional Dominion of the Earth is HER!

You are thinking (Ing – in-Gratitude… all words ending in IN-G are vibrationally in Gratitude or in the PAUSE before be-coming THING). When you are thinking and focused upon a THING, your THOUGHT.EMOTION.ACTION is calling forth “Imagine-Action.Confidence”  (BELIEVE) in the THING be-coming YOURS to HAVE AND HOLD. The moment you FOCUS on the THING, it is for-given in-to “For-giving For-getting Wisdom” (RECEIVE) this activates the WOMB of THINGS (Now.Earth) into vibrational come-union with the energies of the THING you have THOUGHT in GRATITUDE (Thinking), this then ACTIVATES the Masculine-Feminine within the THING  into Thought.Action-Ability (masculine)  & Emotion.Pause-Ability (feminine)… while the balance occurs, the Womb of Things come-union with Confidence.Wisdom to BIRTH the THING into REALITY of your NOW Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action that you may receive the highest frequency of “THING” in alignment with your ASK. So.It.Is

It is therefore in your BEST interest, that you start spending time in the PAUSE (Gratitude), allowing the vibrations to ALIGN for the best outcome/results. Depending on your THOUGHTS about THINGS, the frequencies are either added unto you or you are given experiences to activate the frequencies you need to vibrationally come-union with the THING you are asking for.

One of the experiences we’ve often brought to NOTICE comes from PRAYER energy on the Earth Kingdom, through the Heart. Children are a beautiful example of the Imagine-Action Confidence of the Earth Kingdom. They are pure energy of Divine Order, before they are TAUGHT by THINGS how to CONFORM to EARTH KINGDOM patterns and blueprints… all of which are THING CREATED to SERVE THINGS… Not THOUGHT (Love). This does explain why children are now being birthed on the Earth with special needs, that the Parents of Earth, may re:turn to “Pay Attention Buy Experience”  and come-union with the child to BELIEVE and RECEIVE the Now.Earth frequencies of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action. They are healing the vibrations of the Parents to whom they are born and all that is ASKED of you is to LOVE them and see them as DIVINE INTERVENTIONS of Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action born Masuline (those with Thought.Action-Ability) & Feminine (those with Emotion.Pause-Ability).

Imagine-Action Confidence, in the BEGINNINGS of THINGS that you  may BELIEVE again in YOU and that you may RECEIVE again in ME . It is time Now Earth becomes a reality of Imagine-Action of Thought.Action-Ability in communion with For-giving For-getting Wisdom of Emotion.Pause-Ability

With Peace and Mercy I, Forgiveness welcome YOU into the NOW  with ME (manifest.evolution), hence forth called Now.Earth!



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