Breathing Patterns are being for-given Now!

Breathe-In from the mouth Eternal Kingdom

Inhale from the Nose: Internal Kingdom

Exhale from the Nose : External Kingdom

Breathe-Out from the mouth back into the Earth Kingdom

In the beginning, you will find this technique a little challenging, for the simple reason, when you breathe in through your mouth you will forget to inhale with your nose soon after, the exhale and Breathe-Out is much easier. This energy upgrade is to enable For-giving For-getting with Imagine-Action.Confidence.

When you breathe in from the mouth, you collect the Thought vibrations that surround you, that are of the Eternal Kingdom. When you Inhale through your nose you are connecting Emotion of the heart/earth of your be-in-gratitude/being YOU of the Internal Kingdom. When you exhale the breath through the nose the thought.emotion connects with the Pause of the External Kingdom. When you breathe-out of your mouth, you are emptying the Thought.Emotion.Pause into Action with the Earth Kingdom.

The breathing OUT- activates Imagine-Action.Confidence For-giving For-getting Wisdom, alignment with the VIBRATION of the THING you have raised in THOUGHT! So.It.Is


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