Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Wisdom

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Masculine Energies stepping into Imagine-Action.Wisdom or 1+8 energies of this day of Power is Us! 1+8=9 … Confidence. Good Day to re:wise Knewmerology of the Now-Knew Earth transition. Imagine-Action.Wisdom = Confidence. So.It.Is

Inhale: Imagine.Action Wisdom Exhale Imagine.Action Confidence. Today the Breathing Patterns are going to be re:aligned into Power is Us. Imagine.Action Wisdom is the masculine communion into Confidence.

This Father’s day, Eternal Light, over communion with the Masculine on Prayer Saturday with Imagine.Action.Love = Wisdom (Earth Mother) has declared that on THIS DAY when Earth Kingdom has CHOSEN to celebrate Father’s Day … every vibration has ACCESS to Eternal Light Balance of Imagine.Action Wisdom Confidence.

When I was given the “know” of Knewmerology, I stepped into unknown territory… with Trust.Joy.Clarity… I received Grace to allow the unfolding to occur, today when I am being given the words to share with you, I am glad I did not give up, even when, I didn’t know, where the numbers were heading. I am just glad I chose to BELIEVE (Power is Us) to Receive (Gratitude is Us), now transitioned into Believe (Imagination.Confidence) and Receive (Forgiveness.Wisdom). To have learned that Male and Female are Human that Masculine and Feminine are Divine. From struggling to write in words that which I so clearly receive in thought to being able to allow thought to express Eternal Light Love through this blog… wow!

Wisdom Speaks:

We are healing the Emotion of “I” of earth Kingdom and restoring “I” to Eternal Light vision of Imagination/Imagine.Action. So when you speak in “I”, Imagine.Action Wisdom of Confidence in your DIVINE DESTINY, with Us, Wisdom and Confidence. This will help Us, help YOU to re:turn to the Divine Vibration you chose to LIVE fully on this, Our Earth Kingdom… Confidence.YouAre.Wisdom grounded in the External Kingdom with Gratitude and shielded by the Internal Kingdom with Faith. Being an Earth Mother, once a CHALLENGE of the INNER CONFIDENCE is NOW healed, Confidence be-comes Masculine to my Feminine. Earth receives the Father she has missed. Confidence steps into her role as the gift of Eternal Light expression of the “WOMB of “THINGS”. Earth is HOW “Forgiveness BE-Comes Earth”.

The reason, why I am speaking with you, because, I am now, in communion with confidence. For the masculine era of thought.emotion.pause.action, I just served as a reflection of confidence energy with Faith and Gratitude, waiting for Earth to Remember who she was, divinely… the “Womb of Things” , the grand- gift of her NOW communion with Confidence, today. As the Earth children wish their Earth Fathers a Happy Father’s day, the energies of Power Is Us, Imagine-Action Wisdom, are over-whelmed that Earth remembers her Divine Origins… as she for-gives Confidence the gift of being her Father again… choosing to remember she is “(Thought) Forgiveness Be – come Earth (Thing)

Honestly, I am over-whelmed, have waited for this day … when Earth will remember who she really is ETERNALLY, the WOMB OF THINGS, Confidence would RECEIVE Forgiveness, this WAY. Thought (Love), Emotion (Faith), Pause (Gratitude), Action (Power), For-giving For-getting (Forgiveness), Imagine.Action (Imagination), Imagination.Confidence (Believe), Forgiveness.Wisdom (Receive), Thought.Action-Ability (Masculine), Emotion.Pause-Ability (Feminine),

Forgiveness is RESPONSE – Imagination is ABILITY, together they are the “IF” of “Thoughts Be-Come Things”  when “Imagination Be-Comes Forgiveness” and when Forgiveness comes FIRST as we will experience in the Now Earth, she is the Response to Imagination’s ability and that is the foundation of the word “Response-Ability/Respons.I.bility’“  Today in Imagine.Action Wisdom, I am here speaking with YOU to tell you Now Earth is the WOMB (Forgiveness) of Things… and the THOUGHT (Love) that made it possible is NOW ready to include “Children of Eternal Light”, this covers EVERYTHING, that was, IS, and ever SHALL BE … So.It.Is

I be-comes Imagination/Imagine-Action” on Earth as Earth embraces Confidence, now that she remembers her-self, Divinely. Earth as the WOMB OF THINGS or  Manifest Forgiveness.Wisdom of Imagination.Confidence …. EARTH. And within each THING, the HEART! So.It.Is

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