Saturday Prayer: Understanding Imagination Love

Inhale Forgiveness.Wisdom with Thought.Pause-Ability Exhale Imagination.Confidence with Emotion.Action-Ability. Today, we’re raising, Masculine-Feminine, balance for all THINGS Earth. So.It.Is

When we speak of THINGS, we are focused on the PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT of VIBRATIONS. To the energies, every BODY is a THING, what matters is the AWAKENED VIBRATIONS within the THING. The THING it-SELF is but a vessel. So.It.Is

It may come as a slight shock to you, that even though you are the Temple of Eternal Light, your body isn’t of consequence to Eternal Light Imagination. It is but a vessel through which the “WORD be –comes Flesh”, so, it is in your best interest to summon the WORD you are into UNDERSTANDING … Imagination.Love.

Understanding Imagination Love /Imagine-Action Love: Imagine-Action(Power) Love (Thought)  or Imagine-Power Thought… for-giving for-getting (Forgiveness). So.It.Is

Here the KEY to working with Imagination Love is to understand that LOVE is Masculine to begin with for-giving and for-getting Gratitude. They are the only two of the Eternal Light expansion in –to  THING. When you evoke their PRESENCE in THINGS you AWAKEN the Divine Family of Vibrations and their expansions into your PHYSICAL REALITY.

When you BREATHE IN … Inhale the expansion of Imagination Love …. pause with the THOUGHT/Love. Allow your-self to be filled with the Imagine-Action Love… oh what a wonderful wonderful way to step into the Gateway of Eternal Light, activating with the Solstice.

The Sun, Moon, rain, children are all going to RECEIVE what they BELIEVE… so we ask that you choose the Knew Believe… Imagination.Confidence that you may receive the Knew Receive of Forgiveness.Wisdom.



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