Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Imagination Gratitude!

From early this morning there has been a continuous re:minder to “Exhale the energies of Density” and “Inhale Destiny in exchange”. That you may, allow Gratitude is Us to include YOU within the Pause of Understanding the NOW Earth activations and begin to see the shifts in your immediate life. Well, Eternal Light, created YOU in HIS own image and likeness…

When we invoke “HIS own Image” vibration of Eternal Light, we mean, Imagination (Masculine) in Thought.Action-Ability with Confidence. “and Likeness” we mean Forgiveness (Feminine) in Emotion.Pause-Ability with Wisdom.

Breathe-in to align your present moment into this TRUTH and BELIEVE (Imagination.Confidence) “Pause” Receive (Forgiveness.Wisdom) to know that IT IS SO!

Here’s is another blessed energetic SECRET we’d like to share with you today: When you Inhale : Feminine/Likeness of Eternal Light Forgiveness (Feminine) in Emotion.Pause-Ability with Wisdom. When you Exhale: Imagination (Masculine) in Thought.Action-Ability with Confidence. In this way, you begin to awaken to the Foundation Vibrations of Creation. The process of In:Hail and Ex:Hail calls forth the ACTIVE participation of the “Temple of Trust: Joy.Clarity.Grace into ACTION! Remember IN –Internal Kingdom and EX-is External Kingdom.

Breathe, the word, is an Earth Kingdom word “BE-Earth”… B.reath.E : B.Heart.E, B.Earth.E. When you Breathe- In you invoke Divine Energy of Breathing with the Internal Kingdom “B.Heart.E”. When you Breathe-Out you send out Divine energy from the Internal Kingdom into the Earth Kingdom “B.Earth.E”.

These revelations are being given unto YOU, and those with WHOM you may choose to share these with. remember, YOU are on Earth, in the FLESH, filled with Us, waiting to breathe-out with YOU and through YOU. Not that we’re not already present in you and through you… we just want you to consciously CHOOSE to be OUR FLESH. We the WORDS of Eternal Light, are QUALIFYING you, TRANSACTIONS of Divine Order, to come into BEING Who-Man (Human) of Divine Origins. This weekend, it is all about YOU stepping into your Divine Destiny with Us.

For-give this mess-age unto them, speak this message to your-SELF and others and transition and transform the Earth into Breathe-In … Inhale-Exhale (the PAUSE) …. Breathe Out into the Earth the Now.Earth expansions of Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness.Wisdom into the Masculine Collective (Thought.Action-Ability) and Feminine Collective (Emotion.Pause-Ability)

Imagination.Gratitude is the Now influence of Choice. She is in Communion with Imagination, to give YOU the heart-start of Action with Conscious Breathing with Gratitude is Us. Love is expanding in you and through you to make this a reality on Earth for ALL OF CREATION and  YOU are NOW Divinely Qualified in Gratitude is Us to EXPERIENCE the DIVINE ORDER of YOU.


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