Thursday Love: Understanding Imagination Faith

Faith is the Emotion of creation, Love is the Thought and Imagination is where, Thought is born, Forgiveness is the beginning of Emotion. That is WHEN Faith returns to Imagination to receive into herself, Eternal Light Vision of her BEING, the next expansion of her-self with Love in today’s energy.

Sometimes, all it takes is to breathe-IN or IN-hale with Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace to receive the HOW of the next steps, that Thought.Emotion have received from Imagination.

Love Speaks:

I am the Thought of Imagination and Faith is the Emotion of Forgiveness and together, we’re the HOW of the Transition of the Unseen to the Seen. The first two energies of the story of “Thoughts Be” – “Come Things” of Earth. We are the energy that work within ALL of creation. Yes, including the ABSENCE of one of Us of the Masculine Feminine balance.

For, many years, that the Masculine shifted from Energy to MALE and Feminine shifted from Energy to Female. We have been balancing each being, because, Love and Faith are the TWO very universal divine energies that are present on the planet and yes, we do have the imagination of every being, since, we’re of Eternal Beginnings. However, it is also true, that Earth Beings have now, restricted their own understanding of Energy, to keep pace with THINGS and the acquisition of more things to experience on Earth.

We are aware that there are a huge number of people who are now, be-coming aware of their Divine Nature, choosing to simplify their Human Transactions to energetic alignments. It is important to understand, at this point, that it is OK if you are still in the process of BE- Coming aware of the Energy they are uniquely created to LIVE fully in the FLESH!

It is Faith and Love, Faith in one’s own imagination and love that flows freely through the imagination, for-giving for-getting THINGS.


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