Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power

Imagination.Power the Intellectual.Property of Eternal Light… I read on the screen of my mind and their Union with Love, makes all “Things” with Confidence.

Faith Speaks:

Imagination.Power are the expansion of Eternal Light energy… here’s the mystery of their mastery : Imagine-Action (Power) / Imagin(Emotion) in ACtion (Creation). We hid the Emotion in “the word”, that THOUGHT vibration within all of Creation on Earth, both Masculine: Imagination.Confidence in Thought.Action-Ability & Feminine: Forgiveness.Wisdom of Emotion.Pause-Ability.

We, here in the Eternal Kingdom, create everything with LOVE (Thought) and Imagination (Imagined Action), which keeps us in the process of en-able vibrations to be born, lots of them, some the presence of us Positive and the other the absence of ONE (Union) of Us (read masculine or feminine) Negative.  

Each time you step into an emotion that is only Positive you are inhaling and exhaling the union energy of masculine & feminine. When you step into an incomplete emotion an emotion that is either fully Masculine or fully Feminine you step into the absence of the other or Negative.

When Gratitude, activated “Pause”, she also made the Divine Intention of “Alchemy of Religion” on the Earth and “Practical Spirituality of YouAre Energy” and unlocked the External Kingdom … Wisdom and Confidence, re:membered with the PATH back home to Eternal Light. So, now, L.O.V.E (Thought) becomes active as the “Law of Vibrational Expansion. The WORD becomes FLESH (Vibrationally) revealing the co-energies or the family tree of Imagination, leading all of Earth to BE – COME aware of their ORGINS, and through the trans:action with the energies of creation, re:member with the Divine Beginnings and Human Endings or Thoughts Be (Divine Beginnings) Come Things (Human Endings.

This is enough to open your Heart/Earth Emotions today, to begin to USE the active vibrations to assist YOU with all of those THINGS, your Earth Experience through the Transition!


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