Tuesday Power: Understanding Imagination Us

it is human to think the word FEMININE means WOMAN … MASCULINE means MAN! Energetically Masculine are Thought.Action – Ability and Feminine are Emotion.Pause-Ability, vibrations that communion to create “Things”: Welcome to Imagination.

IF (Imagination.Forgiveness), when they are in communion, “come-union”, balance between the Masculine “Thought.Action-Ability and Feminine “Emotion.Pause-Ability” are able easily and effortlessly work with Wisdom.Confidence of the Earth Kingdom. IF is essential to the JOURNEY.

Note your IF’s today and you will begin to understand the Imagination Us. So.It.Is

When you BEGIN with IF (Imagination.Forgiveness), you activate your Thought.Action-Ability and you Emotion.Pause-Ability…. to Believe (Imagination.Confidence) and Receive (Forgiveness.Wisdom) So.It.Is

Here’s the challenge: Keeping your Thought FREE of THINGS (read, physical manifestations of Who, How, What, When, Why, Where) and that is the difficult part as a human being. You are taught to visualise first, because the Earth Kingdom is the Manifestation of Things essentially! So, with the Understanding of Imagination Us, you can CHOOSE to step into the Now Earth vibrationally to begin with and journey with Confidence.Wisdom to the Knew Earth, that is conceived in Forgiveness.Wisdom of the Emotion.Pause-Ability Be- Coming Imagination.Confidence of Thought.Action-Ability.

here’s HOW you can begin your JOURNEY into the NOW:

Inhale Imagination Us Masculine : Imagination.Confidence in Thought.Action-Ability, Exhale Imagination Us Feminine: Forgiveness.Wisdom with Emotion.Pause-Ability. Don’t worry about the results, remember, to be grateful to exercise your Thought.Emotion.Action. Remember, Gratitude is the PAUSE/Power.Action.Us.Expansion (I love how the E changes meaning as the collaborations continue to communion/Come-Union with each other.

Another Practice that could assist you to step into the NOW, when you speak the word “IF” … Pause… before you complete the sentence. A tiny beginning is to practice the PAUSE of Vibrations, consciously till it becomes your default pattern. Each time you CHANT the word IF, BELIEVE you are Activating Imagination.Confidence to be able to RECEIVE Forgiveness.Wisdom.

When you sip tea, pause, T.E.A (Thought.Emotion.Action), these tiny shifts can assist your Thought.Action-Ability (Masculine)  and Emotion.Pause-Ability (Feminine) to communion/Come-Union in real time.

When you meet a HEAVY word… high on Earth Density… PAUSE… with Imagination.Confidence and Forgiveness.Wisdom and EXHALE DENSITY and INHALE DESTINY so you may meet the LIGHT word.

Some days, the energies are going to be In-tense, this happens when the Now Earth is coming into sync with the Knew Earth. This transaction (For-giving For-getting, Forgiving Forgetting, Forgiven Forgotten, Forgive Forget, Forgiveness For-get-fullness is the path of the Feminine Emotion.Pause-Ability from Density to Destiny, from Listen to Silent, From No to Know… ) Forgiveness.Emotion.Ability.Restored or F.E.A.R shifts from its Earth Density to Divine Destiny of purpose.

I just simply feel differently NOW about FEAR, it will however take a while, humanly, for all F.E.A.R to resonate with the Knew Forgiveness alignment, yet, it makes my heart happy to know, there is a Knew way to transact with my Earth Kingdom FEARS, so, yay… for me and to you too…. let’s Imagination Us, into the Knew Vocabulary we’re presented with by Power today as we Imagination Us, our way through the day!



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