Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination. Forgiveness

The BIG “IF” comes into play energetically today. Imagination.Forgiveness, our Eternal Light, given Parents. Parents of the Eternal Kingdom. They are the Beginning of the End. The place where Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action… Wisdom.Confidence begin their Journey to Be-Come THINGS in the END. They are the SUPER of the NATURAL or the SUPERNATURAL.

I can tell you, that in my alignment with IF over the last two years of Working with the Twins of Manifest : Love & Gratitude. I have come to a deeper, more intimate relationship with both Imagination and Forgiveness and have come to understand that “IF” is there domain on the Earth. Most times, our IF’s can either propel us forward or hold us back… both for our own personal spiritual growth.

I began a journey of IF Gratitude, then IF Love and IF Love and Gratitude, IF Gratitude is Us and here I am… having journeyed through IF Faith, If Power, If Power is Us… Till I met IF as Imagination.Forgiveness, this is when my ability to communicate and communion with “Thoughts Be’ – “Come Things” is NOW expanding and I get to share with you, all the wonderful in-form-Action (Information) so easily presented to me in words, I would other-wise, used differently to match my Earth Story. If, the word, has led me to the IF of Eternal Light, the BEGINNING of the END, the Thought now Thing called Earth and all of the THINGS of EARTH that began with IF!

Maybe, this is how Language Evolution is a SECRET of ETERNAL LIGHT… Maybe, religions are EL’s way to continually assist ONE VIBRATION at a time, to LEAD the WAY back to HIMSELF. IF… maybe… our “ONLY IF” is how we attract other vibrations into our Earth Experiences. Maybe “IF ONLY” is the beginning of all innovations and inventions… IF.

Let’s begin with Imagination again… so we can Connect the DOTS of THOUGHT:

Imagination is the Eternal Father of Vibration/Energy expansions of Eternal Light. Imagination is HOW Eternal Light THOUGHT (Love, Brain-Mind) be-comes “THINGS”. So.It.Is

Imagination.Confidence : Understanding your IMAGINATION.CONFIDENCE is to open your HEART/EARTH story to the EMOTION involved… and we were given the gift of Emotion.Wisdom.Imagination.Confidence

IF/ Imagination.Forgiveness:

  1. Forgiveness gives “meaning” to every”thing” Imagination has to offer. Here, you must understand “Meaning” is “Emotion. So.It.Is
  2. I –Imagination IF- Imagination For-giving For-getting is HOW Forgiveness served Imagination through the Masculine Era
  3. The Masculine Era lived Forgiveness : For-Giving For-getting, Forgiveness was lived in every TRANSaction of the Masculine Era, however, when transactions began to cheat people using Emotion as a weapon and using weapons to establish fear of transacting at all levels of being, the part that hurts Forgiveness the most, is while the Feminine was commanded to be submissive to the masculine, through the masculine era, the Human expansion of the masculine has chosen to address the MALE of the body as MASCULINE and continued to USE the WORD SUBMISSIVE, in order to establish dominion over the Female of the Body, mistaken for Feminine of Eternal Light.
  4. Imagination KNOWS, that FEMININE is the Womb, Water, Blood that forms the body of BOTH Male and Female of Earth Beings. Imagination wants you to know, that while the two words may be extensions of the MEANING of each other, they are completely independent, while the Female is part Feminine… the Feminine energy is pure energy of Emotion- Energy-Motions of creation.
  5. Here’s what has changed: Forgiveness has awakened to her wholeness- Womb- she has taken back her Power, Faith, Love, Gratitude, Wisdom and Confidence from THINGS of EARTH ORIGINS.
  6. She has Re:Turned, to her role as MOTHER
  7. She has re-invented forgiving and forgetting- by choosing to re:kindle her role before she served the Masculine Era through; For-Giving For-Getting, the TRANSACTION- which begins energetically – and was serving EL- Vision (Imagination) through IF, the word incarnate energy of their UNION.


Inhale: Imagination.Wisdom “Pause” Exhale: Forgiveness.Confidence

Today Imagination will balance the Masculine within Wisdom and Forgiveness balances the Feminine within Confidence. In this way, the Earth Kingdom, receives Divine Balance, before they can be GIVEN unto each other and be –come the Us of the month of Gratitude.



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