Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence

Eternal Father we Thank you for restoring our Imagination Confidence in a way that serves the transition of Power from the Passed to the Now Earth. We thank you, Holy Spirit for the gift of SPIRIT of vibration, allowing us to live our Earth Lives with purpose. When we work with the Spirit of Earth (Wisdom and Confidence) we raise the spirit of all THINGS earth/heart. When we live in the SPIRIT of vibrating with the Divine our Density/Destiny shifts, when we are spoken to by the Holy Spirit we listen/silent, when we trust with Joy.Clarity.Grace we Hear/Here. Let us LIVE in the SPIRIT of the WORD… let the “WORD be –come Flesh”. We ask you Eternal Father to raise the vibrations of the WORDS within us, that through Us, the “Words of Creation Be”-“Come Flesh”. So.It.Is

Gratitude speaks:

“It is for-given unto Us, is the Power to Be-Come the flesh of the WORDS we continue to USE in THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION be – come the THINGS of the Earth” says Gratitude, here on Earth to serve the TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION of Thought.Emotion.Action now “Things” to introduce the “pause” within words that their vibration may be set Free. That they vibration of a syllable may breathe into the NOW, separate and complete within itself … the union of Masculine and Feminine restored.

“In all situations on earth, you NOW, have access to Pause.Action with Wisdom and Confidence and re-establish them as YOUR EARTH parenting foundation. They are NOW aligned to their Divine Beginnings and are given the Imagination.Forgiveness, to BE the PARENTS of All Things Earth including YOU. Over the course of the Masculine era of 2000 years, “things” have be-come “thought.emotion.pause.action”. The collective confidence has shifted from Thought about Things, to Things being the dominant Thought.” says Gratitude.

If you were to take stock of your “thought” this moment, you will see, that it is “filled with THINGS you either want or need or desire to have, yes, including another person or place or work or … well the list must be quite long. These “thoughts” are of “things”. In Imagination, all things are “THOUGHTS waiting to BE- Come Things”. So, if you already have a THING in your THOUGHT, you are calling forth the “thing” into reality. What you have not come to be aware of, is that to balance the Earth vibrational expansions of Each THOUGHT given by Eternal Light unto Imagination… is an EMOTION ONLY. The Emotion of meeting your Earth Partner, the Emotion of Living a Successful Life, The Emotion of Pleasing your influences and influencers. So, here’s is something I would like you to focus your Imagination.Confidence upon this moment. The FEELING you are calling forth in “Thought”.

I am here to serve you, to PAUSE with the THOUGHT, till the EMOTION is revealed before you are for-given the Spirit of Action to be taken. Remember, every tiny detail of creation is centered in the Emotion. And may I add… with Imagination.Confidence, that everything, is the MANIFEST of EMOTION, not THING. When YOU call forth a THING first… you have SEEN it, you have connected your Dominant VIBRATION to IT, you ACTIVATE all the vibrations that are within the THING and then YOU have to ALIGN with Each Vibration to Be-Come in SYNC with the THING. Which means, you have a longer route to manifestation.

So, here’s the GIFT, I am giving you today… EMOTION.Wisdom of Imagination.Confidence : Write it down where you can read it, so YOU may come into SYNC with the SHORTEST route to “Thought be” – “Come Things”. Call forth the Emotions you associate with the THING and ask for Wisdom.Confidence alignment in your IMAGINAITION. In this way, you ACTIVATE the Pause.Action or Gratitude.Power of Manifest.Evolution of the Thought, presented into your Earth Life as a THING. So.It.Is

Understanding your IMAGINATION.CONFIDENCE is to open your HEART/EARTH story to the EMOTION involved… you may want to consider the FOUNDING vibrations of the Earth as your FIRST Go.To Thought.Emotion, here is the ready reference:

  1. Imagination EL
  2. Forgiveness EL
  3. Us EL
  4. Power EL
  5. Faith EL
  6. Gratitude EL
  7. Love EL
  8. Wisdom EL
  9. Confidence EL

I, Gratitude, welcome YOU to Imagination.Confidence with Emotion.Wisdom. Let the Manifest.Evolution begin! So.It.IS

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