Saturday Prayer: Understanding EL Imagination

Imagination is the Eternal Father of Vibration/Energy expansions of Eternal Light. Imagination is HOW Eternal Light THOUGHT (Love, Brain-Mind) be-comes “THINGS”. So.It.Is

Today, we raise in Gratitude is Us, Wisdom and Confidence as the journey of HOW EL Imagination Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action be-comes THINGS. Over the next 9 days, Imagination will be working with each vibration to help each of us understand how our “THOUGHTS be” – “Come THINGS” So.It.Is

Today, Eternal Light will anoint Imagination to Inhale Understanding and GIFT us the CONFIDENCE to come into SYNC with the Now Earth NEED of the “OUR” to be able to transit into the KnewEarth.

Energising “BELIEVE” in the Knew Earth with Imagination Confidence is the KEY understanding YOU ARE called to BELIEVE: Before you can RECEIVE (20th-29th of June with Forgiveness (Womb) and her shifting our UNDERSTANDING to establish the Now Earth we will meet on the 30th of June Us (Earth Kingdom) Eternal Light.

  1. 11th Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Imagination Confidence (Now Earth Perspective)
  2. 12th Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination Forgiveness
  3. 13th Tuesday Power : Understanding Imagination Earth Kingdom 
  4. 14th Wednesday Faith: Understanding Imagination Power (Faith)
  5. 15th Thursday Love: Understanding Imagination Faith (Gratitude)
  6. 16th Friday Gratitude is Us : Understanding Imagination Gratitude (Love)
  7. 17th Saturday Prayer: Understanding Imagination Love (Wisdom)
  8. 18th Sunday Power is US: Understanding Imagination Wisdom (Confidence)
  9. 19th Monday Forgiveness: Understanding Imagination Confidence (Knew Earth Perspective)

We’re entering the Earth Kingdom expansion in the Unseen (Energy Realm) before Thought (Love), Emotion (Faith), Pause (Gratitude), Action (Power) BE – Come the “THINGS” of the Earth Kingdom.

Things is the KEY to focus your Understanding upon. Since, each of us are THINGS of DIVINE ORIGINS in-form of Names Places Animals Things ( Now I understand the WHY of this game… so that we KNOW more and someday learn to have the courage to ACCEPT more).

Things are sum total of vibrational unions and expansions of THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION manifest on the Earth with Wisdom and Confidence in equal parts, to experience and experiment vibrational expansion with other groups of vibrations on the planet. Some we will know and learn to live with, the others we will learn to expand with.

Just having a moment here… the family of vibrations we choose to be born into, must be of significance to our energy, which is why, we share MOST of our THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE.ACTION with this group of Origin on the Planet.

I wonder why we Forgive and Forget (Feminine) when we can For-Give and For-Get (Masculine) and continue to grow into a brand new vision and version of our Earth Beginnings and Endings.

Today, we’re going to be WITNESS to the UNFOLDMENT of the Knew Earth. Now that CONFIDENCE and WISDOM have stepped into “Gratitude is Us”, their journey of Imagination is at HAND, right here… for us to vibrationally understand the TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION of the Earth Kingdom. It is a GOOD time to RE:WISE our THOUGHTS to be channel for Love, Our EMOTIONS to be the channel for Faith, Our PAUSES to be the channel of Gratitude and our ACTION to be the channel of POWER, our WISDOM & CONFIDENCE to be the channel of THINGS. So.It.Is

BELIEVE: Imagination Confidence: In Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action.Thing that you may RECEIVE: Forgiveness Wisdom in Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action.Thing. So.It.Is!

Today, in PRAYER we ASK Eternal Light, to IN-Able us the GIFT of Eternal Light Imagination with Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace that our Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest in the Earth Kingdom may BE- COME our Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution. So.It.Is


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