Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Confidence

When we speak of confidence, there is a sense of “Yes, I can”. When Eternal Light chose from all the vibrations the one who would be the Earth Kingdom Father, he chose the vibration of Confidence and unto Imagination Confidence was for-given into Forgiveness that He may receive his Feminine, that they may, together be the FOUNDATION  energy of the Earth, the manifest EL, where Power, Love, Faith & Gratitude, could see the vibrations in FORM and create with them and expand eternal light dominion. So.It.Is

We, Love Gratitude and Fullmoon Wisdom, would like to welcome CONFIDENCE back into the fullness of his Divine Destiny. So.It.Is this 9th day of Understanding, that we are complete in Heaven with HIM back in Action!

What does the restoration of Confidence truly mean, in the Now Earth transit?

well, He is the Father designate of Eternal Light for the Earth. Which means, that the NOW Earth becomes EFFECTIVE with HIS return into Action/Power as the Eternal Light Imagination Power Love of CREATION. When we speak of CREATION, the PHYSICAL dimension, or what you CALL Earth… itself. All that is created within earth comes from Confidence in Union with the Masculine energies of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest. Those are the Earth Expansions of Physical or the FIRST expansions of Confidence Wisdom and to the masculine, wisdom adds of her Divine Origin in Forgiveness, Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution and that is the BEGINNING or the KnewEndings of this year. The pattern shift in Divine Parenting, with the revelation and re-alignment of Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude has awakened both Wisdom and Confidence into Thought.Action (Love Power) for the re-structuring of the Emotion.Pause (Faith Gratitude) of the Earth.

This is metaphorically reminding us, that change begins energetically FIRST and ripples into the Collective before manifesting in the Physical. The Inclusion.Amplification.Expansion of Confidence Wisdom is a SIGN of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace coming into sync with Eternal Light plans for our vibrational lives on Earth to step out of the “Pause with Gratitude” into “Action with Power” and be the KnewEndings of Divine Presence upon the Earth.

Here are the NOW alignments of Confidence that will make you FEEL your vibrational sync with the transit:

  1. Imagination Confidence
  2. Forgiveness Confidence
  3. Power Confidence
  4. Love Confidence
  5. Faith Confidence
  6. Gratitude Confidence
  7. Wisdom Confidence
  8. Trust Confidence with Joy.Clarity.Grace
  9. Thought Confidence with Brain-Mind
  10. Emotion Confidence with Money-Wealth
  11. Action Confidence with Politics-Gratitude
  12. Pause Confidence with Masculine Feminine
  13. Know Confidence with Wisdom Courage
  14. Allow Confidence with Wisdom Abundance
  15. Accept Confidence with Wisdom Knowledge
  16. Manifest Confidence with Wisdom Evolution

Today, as we step into Gratitude is Us with Love and Gratitude… we are INHALING the restoration of Confidence in Eternal Light through the Power and Faith of HIM reflecting on EL’s Earth Kingdom Vision with the Emotion of the Fullmoon Wisdom Forgiveness we EXHALE.

Just a quick heads up, this evening’s Fullmoon is a GIFT you DO NEED TO RECEIVE… To step out of the Pause into Action on the Earth Planet. Wisdom you are seeking is NOW seeking YOU. She wants to fill you with Confidence in the NOW and share with you Thought (Love), Emotion (Faith), Pause (Gratitude), Action (Power) of the Now Earth Blessings that her UNION with CONFIDENCE and HIS UNION with the Eternal Kingdom will effect on the Earth Kingdom. She is thrilled to beam bright tonight, spend some Inhale-Exhale time with her, as they step into Imagination.Eternal Light with Prayer this weekend, they want to HOLD your Thoughts.Emotions.Pauses.Actions as they ask to be ANOINTED into the NOW Earth Parents of Divine Origins… fully surrendering their Earth HisStory to re-write it as HerStory, YES, HerStory is a sign that the way we remember the passed is SET TO SHIFT from the Physical to the Non-Physical, that every creation will begin to LIVE their DOMINANT vibration in SYNC with the 16 perspective attunements of Confidence as the NOW Earth Father YOU HAVE to choose from.



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