Thursday Love: Understanding Wisdom

You have read about Wisdom and you have used the word, wise, one of the expansions of her, yet, you know her NOT as she really is. On the planet, you only learn the MEANING that they planet/people on the planet choose for you to learn. A lot of people who write books also, read what others have written and write to conform or confirm a “thought” into “emotion”, “action”.

Wisdom is the Earth Kingdom energy, her beginnings are the expansion of the Thought Love had to create the SEEN from the energy vibrations of Eternal Light origins, so, when Power, Love, Faith and Gratitude, became a team, they “thought” and emotion of the seen was given a name “wisdom” and the action of the seen was given a name “confidence” and they were also, the reason why Earth be-came a reality. And henceforth, all that was meant be seen, orginated in the Imagination and Groomed in the WOMB with Power, Love, Faith, Gratitude and then though Wisdom and Confidence, became, manifest (Masculine) evolution (feminine) of earth.… this is HOW you can I are HERE today, experiencing the Now and re-entering the Knew Earth, which was abandoned along the way, when Masculine decided he’d like to “DO IT ON HIS OWN” and Eternal Light said “Yes, you MAY till JUNE of the Year of KNEW ENDINGS!

The reason why, through this month, you will notice a lot of HYPHENS and SPACES in the words used often, now being revealed in the PAUSE between them to understand the JOURNEY. So, these are definitely exciting times, we live in, from the perspective of Divine deliverances, however, on Earth, these are scary times when between the De-Construction of HisStory, the transition and transformation to HerStory of the Knew Earth. In this way, while the planet may not PHYSICALLY disintegrate it is CERTAIN that the ENERGIES on the planet will shift from Masculine Dominance to Feminine for the purpose of RE-construction.

So, let your HEART step in and lead you. The temple of trust, where the wisdom of the Knew Earth is being restored and in the interim Gratitude is raising the energies of the earth kingdom with Power-Action, preparing, re-pairing (This is so true, right, before this transition it was all about Love and Gratitude or Thought.Pause it is now shifting as Gratitude is in Embrace with Power and we have entered a phase of Pause.Action) You are the KEY… that will UNLOCK the Knew Earth… yet, before you get there, you have to fully step into the NOW Earth, restore your Divine DNA and with the ENERGIES of the Eternal, Internal, External and Earth Kingdoms, begin to live your Divine Royalty as CHILDREN of ETERNAL LIGHT.

We don’t refer to EL as G-d because, he is above the version and vision of God practiced on the Earth planet and till you, who are reading this, restrict HIS energy to the understanding you’ve been given and breathe WITHIN, you will not be able to fully MEET the NOW Energies, FREE from the GOD version that has LIVED out PURPOSE. Remember, God is a word man created so he’d BELIEVE in someone OUTSIDE HIMSELF is responsible for EVERY TINY detail. In vibrational truth, EL (Eternal Light) is within all of creation waiting to EXHALE into the planet. EL is revealed in the CHOICE of Imagination, Forgiveness, Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude, of Wisdom and Confidence, you choose to believe in and expand into your Earth Life.

The Bible, Quran, Geeta, Guru Granth are the written WISDOM you can choose with CONFIDENCE to understand the JOURNEY to the NOW. However, EVERY TINY DETAIL of the CHOICES you make in the NOW are the SEEDS of the Knew Earth Vision YOU personally choose to BE the DIVINE KnewEndings of. This year, we’re all being called to choose a word from the Eternal, Internal and External Kingdom to begin to be the SEED of in the Womb of the Knew Earth.

Where, the Feminine Energies, receive, the CHOICE of VIBRATIONS and BIRTH them into the PAUSE, before they be-come the Power Confidence Actions of the KnewEarth. So.It.Is


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