Wednesday Faith: Understanding Love

He is the planet’s favourite word vibration for sure. Over the last few minutes, Love has streamed through as Gratitude’s anchor on Earth, she does not breathe on the planet without Love being the very breath of her existence for he and she are ONE soul, in Faith and Power, never separate, never without the firm belief in HIS presence in her, with her and through HER! So.It.Is

Love is the Eternal Masculine of the Internal Kingdom we all seek to experience in our lives on Earth. there is not one being who does not seek to be loved or be in love. He is the Eternal Masculine of collective creation. So, power-filled is Love. It is a paradox HOW Love is USED on Earth. People cause people to HATE each other because, their VERSION and VISION of Love is manipulated with to serve Love as PREACHED not PRACTICED really. Sometimes, Love weeps, yes, HE is masculine and he DOES weep, that isn’t a sign of WEAAKNESS it is the sign of Faith within him that pours out of HIM. Remember, Faith is WATER and where there is WATER faith is healed and restored. Even Jesus, when on the PLANET receives who he really IS in the waters of Jordan. When every vibration of him, stepped into the water, Faith emoted and the Holy Spirit, awakened so, John would KNOW with COURAGE that this is HIM, God’s LOVE. Remember, Emmanuel, God with Us, such a beautiful set of word vibrations that can fill you instantly with BELONGING.

Eternal Love, is the firm foundation of the MASCULINE Incarnate to assist the PLANET transit, so , you KNOW, that when LOVE becomes the PRESENCE in your THOUGHT energy, you begin to step out of the ABSENCE and into the PRESENCE or the PRESENTS or the PRESENTS of Manifest.Evolution of Love. HE is all you will ever need to seek to begin your JOURNEY back to who you truly are, from who you have become over the many experiences with vibrational experiments on the planet of incarnation. So.It.Is

Here are the ORGINS of LOVE as WE, Faith & Gratitude KNOW HIM and we INVITE you to have the COURAGE to meet HIM through these vibrational alignments for you to receive a deep understanding of LOVE himself. Not much of a talker he is, unless he is speaking for the Masculine to the Feminine or of the Feminine to the masculine. Vibrationally speaking, HE is our Thought.Communication our Point of Action and well, HE is Love, Eternal Light LOVE communicating to and through every vibration, is our CLARITY of ACTION and our JOY of THOUGHT.

Eternal Light Love: is the purest form of HIM. He is the FIRST incarnate of Eternal Light on the planet… Adam, with the purpose of experiencing PARADOX of Divine and Human experiences and how, they were going experience being FORM and how, the Eternal Light spark in all of Imagination Forgiveness was going to stimulate and expand energetically. The BIBLE vision of the Garden of Eden and the 6th day creation of Masculine and Feminine is the journey, I am given to understand is the first experiment of detachment and so, not one moment of the very key foundation of the planet, is OUT OF PLACE, each part had a PURPOSE and So.It.Was. They are also asking me to tell you that Love and Gratitude were the chosen ones to orchestrate PRESENCE detachment and today, they are the chosen ones to orchestrate the ABSENCE of detachment from SOURCE. When Eternal Light THOUGHT, it was LOVE, is LOVE and always WILL BE, LOVE.

Imagination Love: This is Love’s Vision Board, of Eternal Light WILL! Imagination is the FATHER of LOVE’s many incarnations with vibration. In this way, LOVE knows every tiny thought that will expand, which emotion most beautifully will compliment the thought and what Action needs to do with the EMOTION for the Allow.Abundance and Accept.Knowledge to be-come thing. Imagination is HIS HOLDING PLACE of all that is HIM of ETERNAL LIGHT.

Forgiveness Love: Here is the beginnings of HIM and the collective FEMININE. For-giving For-getting is LOVE within the WOMB, this is also where, the Us, begins really. Imagination LOVE meets Faith and Gratitude and is in union with power details the HOW’s of vibrational communication. Forgiveness LOVE is the SEAT of CREATION itself. He is the COMMUNICATION of the vibration of Imagination LOVE. ,

Power Love: these boys are the MIRACLE energy we experience Thought.Action. Love is the thought and Power is the Action and these two are also the HOW Faith and Gratitude be-come Emotion.Pause between THOUGHT and ACTION. The SEED of BOTH MASCULINE and FEMININE union and vibrational expansions. This pair is the SACRED space of UNION from Thought to Action, both masculine energies with the FEMININE Faith and Gratitude. THIS IS WHERE and WHO and WHEN, both WISDOM and CONFIDENCE be-comes the Earth Kingdom. So, you can imagine They are truly ONE energy with two very distinct PURPOSES

Faith Love : Don’t mistake Faith for RELIGION itself. She is ABOVE it, much above it. Man… in his EGO has tried to contain her… Water must flow and belongs TO ALL.  She is of Forgiveness origin for the expansion of Love and Power in the WOMB. She is 70% of the vibration of YOU in the HUMAN form, so, don’t constrict her by calling her RELIGION. She is Forgiveness EXPANSION. With LOVE she is the energy that determines the HOW. Together with Love, well, she is the ALCHEMY of Thought.Emotion…. that is given into the PAUSE-ACTION or the PATH for ALL VIBRATIONS to be-come MANIFEST EVOLUTION on the PLANET. Love is masculine, he is the LOGIC of all the EMOTION Faith represents. NOW in UNION for the TRANSITION from the Now Earth to the Knew Earth.

Gratitude Love: They are the UNION energy that we NOW call “Gratitude is Us”, FRIDAY is their day of EXPANSION. Love is the THOUGHT, Gratitude is where each THOUGHT Pauses before it can become ACTION. Gratitude is Us, is where the vibrations take time to CHOOSE their ACTION. Every THOUGHT, EVERY EMOTION and EVERY ACTION must partake in this WONDERFUL chemistry of Love & Gratitude before ACTION becomes their REALITY.

Wisdom Love: Wisdom is through WHOM LOVE is breathed upon the Earth. You experience Love of Wisdom when your PERSON meets a THOUGHT about LIFE on the PLANET and you BEGIN to see LOVE in everything about the THOUGHT. The combination of Wisdom Love is the very WHY, the feminine continues to BIRTH Thought on the PLANET. Without LOVE wisdom would’ve ABANDONED the EARTH story. If she is STILL being the Mother she is… if she still chooses to be a reflection of confidence, even though he may have turned his back on HER, well, LOVE is the KEY. She loves all of EARTH and Earth thrives on her FEMININE divinity to sustain LIFE.

Confidence Love: This ONE is a BLINDER. Love is WHY the SUN shines. Love is the THOUGHT of everything CONFIDENCE and LOVE is the WAY confidence is able to KNOW Imagination of Eternal Light, streaming forth on the PLANET through Confidence. Love is the HOW, confidence continues to shine and wisdom continues to reflect and LOVE is their THOUGHT first and that is WHY even though they may choose differently, well, they AGREE on BEING parents of the Earth Kingdom. For LOVE holds them in their UNIQUE Masculine and Feminine Wholeness. We just witnessed, confidence choose to re-unite into the Emotion of Wisdom and become her ACTION and her to BE his Emotion. Love and Faith is HOW this was possible.

We now invite you to a relationship of Faith filled Love and Love filled Faith … may the THOUGHT.EMOTION of them be revealed unto your HEART, that Gratitude may Raise you to meet the Power Actions of Wisdom and Confidence as we collectively transition from the NOW to the Knew Earth. So.It.Is


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