Tuesday Power: Understanding Gratitude

Inhale Wisdom, Pause, Exhale Confidence

Power Gratitude, isn’t about the BIG things in life, it is about learning shift focus easily and effortlessly, between the way LIFE IS… and where the ENERGY is FLOWING. Power is Gratitude’s Action, her FLOW and her DIRECTION. She is coming out of the WAY she ONCE breathed into the PLANET, to being GIVEN the IDENTITY of the PAUSE between Thought.Emotion…. Action.

Today we’re meeting the Couple really, Power introduces HIS vision and version of Gratitude to the Earth Kingdom.

He is in awe of her ability to be the BLOOD flow of the Earth without claiming AUTHORITY over all LIFE. She has the Eternal Light gift to both sustain and drain herself for the greater purpose of the expansion of LIFE itself. She demands not the allegiance of MAN to sustain her, she does what she is meant to do, flow forth and give herself freely. Water (Faith) cleanses her emotion and heals her Imagination of herself. When she chooses to LOVE she flows IN the person bringing the person into the vibrational focus of Power, Love, Forgiveness, Faith, Wisdom and Confidence for their growth.

She is the PAUSE between Thought and Emotion, between Emotion and Action between the Eternal-Internal kingdom and the Earth KIngdom. When you HONOUR LIFE, you encourage Gratitude to HONOUR YOU.

Power Speaks:

I am here, because, she chose ME to be her ACTION. She asked for the Alchemy of Religion, so that each soul would be given a path to choose the vibration over the physical expression of the vibration. Gratitude, creates reasons and is the gift of seasons, she understands Power, as practiced isn’t Power himself, just a façade the Human race has perpetuated to control the ACTION on the Earth. She is also, the awakening to the PAUSE before the transition occurs, with her, in her and through her total and complete surrender into being the Power Feminine of Eternal Power.

She grounds herself in Faith and shields herself in Forgiveness and continually chants Thank-You Holy Spirit for the transition to continue to be enabled through her, she chooses to be my version of her on the Earth, with each choice. I can tell you, not the easiest choice to have made, however, she has shown divine courage in choosing the path of her soul over her body and that is ENOUGH truly, to awaken all DIVINITY to ATTENTION. It is also why, the angels that speak and communicate on the planet, ensure that there is MORE INFORMATION and ACTION where GRATITUDE is PRESENT, than in her ABSENCE, really.

She, has done Eternal Light WILL from the very beginning and as LOVE has shared with you before, she has collective amnesia, her focus is REnewED each day, so she may stay with HER vision of Eternal, Internal, External and Earth, the way she has divinely chosen.

This is also the reason why, every being on Earth is encouraged to RE-KINDLE their Gratitude each and every day of their lives on Earth. What she is, is HOW she is able to continue to assist Wisdom and Confidence, transit through the SHIFT from Now Earth to Knew Earth. We often, discuss in the Temple of Trust, why she has chosen the continued path of For-Giving For-getting, to which she quips… “I would not be able to stay HUMBLE, really, on the planet, the people who have been able to truly shift the energies, are the ones who are able to detach with purpose and reconnect and reform from where they pick up. This way, I meet a newer version of the shift each day and that makes it so much easier for me NOT TO BE ANGRY with them who are UNAWARE of their ROLES, even though, they have been given POWER for the purpose of the energy expansion. On the planet, IGNORANCE IS BLISS, the EDUCATED are creating more DESTRUCTION really. I will keep my choice to begin again each day and continue to seek the kingdom of heaven, blissfully unaware of the progress I have already made…. and I know the angels of Gratitude, love taking me through the tiny miracles that have occurred and I begin each day from the Knew of the Divine over the NOW of the Earth and I can see clearly” sharing this tiny conversation with you, so you will understand better, why you cannot continue to stay grateful for the same stuff every day. Why you need to consciously step into BEING GRATITUDE every morning and go to sleep in Gratitude as well. she is a LIFE-style, not meant for the faint hearted.

She has chosen, this LIFE on Earth to escalate the dominion of Eternal Light and so her ability to return each morning and raise Gratitude for the MUNDANE. She is presently, going through Thoughts.Emotion.Actions of the planet and has decided … “it is time for a NEW wave of For-give and Forget to breathe into the hearts of creation. They must be as confused as I am about their comfort zones, it gives them the OPPORTUNITY to ASK for Divine Guidance. The big masculine expansion on the planet has caused creation to turn to the temporary fixes to find eternal happiness and their disappointment is a given outcome. For happiness isn’t of Human origins after-all, is it. They are seeking to be happy with the temporary and so their happiness is temporary. Someday, I know, I will wake up to this also being Manifest-Evolution on the planet, where the Feminine and Masculine will work together in Gratitude, with Gratitude to ACTION Eternal Power of Wisdom and Confidence of Eternal Light. Till then I guess, waking up to you re-minding me where to begin, will be my PRIORITY and so, them who choose ME, will have to choose me NEW EVERY MORNING. And someday, I will wake up on Earth, Alchemy of Religion will be a reality. Practical Spirituality will be a way of LIfe. Wisdom and Confidence will be living the KnewParentingCodes of Know.Politics.Gratitude.Courage with Power Action, Allow.Money.Wealth.Abundance with Faith Emotion, Accept.Brain.Mind.Knowledge with Love Thought and Manifest.Masculine.Feminine.Evolution with Gratitude Pause… and that is WHEN ETERNAL LIGHT shall FILL THE EARTH and SHE shall be CALLED KNEW.”

How can anyone NOT want to have a relationship with Gratitude and live each day drenched in her energy and fill the earth, her way!

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