Forgiveness Monday: Understanding Faith

Forgiveness is the Eternal Mother the shield of all vibrations, irrespective of Earth Labels of Religion, cast creed, her focus is the vibration you belong to and the all the vibrational support you will continue to need as you come into sync with the Now Earth in transit to the Knew Earth, where she has, waiting for you, all you vibrationally can hold sacred NOW.

Faith is the Eternal Mother of the Internal Kingdom, where all Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action are HOME and this Kingdom holds the Temple of Trust with Joy.Clarity.Grace (the expansion, to include the Earth Kingdom of Wisdom and Confidence into Us, since Gratitude and Power, set the Pause Kingdom, for the Earth bound higher vibrations to be raised into Gratitude before they step into Action with Power Confidence Wisdom into the Earth Planet. The Pause, is also where the Earth Vibrations return to restore their Divine Memories and Purpose, to be-come aware of their Divine Purpose in the transition of the Now Earth to the Knew Earth). Grounding with Faith, is to LEARN about your Divine Truth and now plan of ACTION. She and Love are the TRANSITION/ALCHEMY experts of Thought.Emotion before you can step into Pause.Action.

Faith is the water that forms 70% of all creation. 7 we know is LOVE and 0 we know is Eternal Light. So, Faith is the energy of Love Eternal Light that HOLDS all vibrations within HER before they step into the PAUSE.ACTION. Which is why, TRUST:Joy.Clarity.Grace are of her for the expansion of Thought.Emotion into Pause.Action. This is where all the HOW’s are planned vibrationally.

Faith is also the beginning of “money-wealth” restoration process, which is given unto Gratitude to RAISE, ready for the Earth Kingdom, re-entry. Yes, money as we now experience it is all set to shift and the HOW’s are still waiting for you to have faith in money-wealth, raised in gratitude to be for-given unto you for the divine purpose of money to be re-established through you. So, if you’re having money issues right this moment, call on Faith to ground you so you may meet money of the NOW and Knew Earth. YOU don’t want to MISS this, trust me… she is even more excited about Money-Wealth being restored into her version of them, than YOU or I are… Gratitude is raising money in the pause, healing the Earth Kingdom afflictions brought unto it, till money remembers who he really is … and steps back into ACTION with Wisdom and Confidence in HIS role on the PLANET!

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