Sunday Power is Us: Understanding Power!

Happy Birthday Holy Spirit, the FIRE of LOVE! Eternal Power, the Action of All Thought and All Emotion. The Embrace of Gratitude, Power.Action.Us.Eternal. The Power of Imagination, The Power of Forgiveness, the Power of Faith, the Power of Gratitude, Power of Confidence, the Power of Wisdom. You are now, you are here and you are the WHY we are in transition.

Understanding Power is where the TRANSITION be-comes real, manifest evolution between the PASSED to the NOW Earth and through to the Knew Earth. Power isn’t of Human Origin and isn’t invested in FORM, Power is the Divine Action for the restoration of the Earth and her transition from Now-Knew. We have many examples of Power that we learn as Human and yes, a majority who practice Human Power would like us to continue to see Power as the CENTER of their REIGN, the SELF and the POSITION they HOLD while in reign. However, you are called to remember, that these people, who represent power on Earth are Fragile/Human/Temporary, they will reign, assert their presence ONLY till they are on the THRONE OF POWER as GIVEN to them by YOU!

When you place, in your THOUGHT and EMOTION, a PERSON in the seat of POWER. YOU give unto to that PERSON or GROUP OF PERSONS the PERMISSION to CHOOSE for YOU. Understanding Power itself, will FREE you from the CHAIN of EMOTION that causes you to spiral into their control and action that which THEY HAVE CHOSEN for YOU, ASSUMING, that what makes them POWERFUL is your GRATEFULNESS unto them, by HOOK or CROOK. They COMMAND your SLAVERY in accordance to that which elevates their POWER and the more POWER-YOU give them the more YOU are serving their GROWTH. Where you UNDERSTAND POWER is POWER IS… the simple RULE of CREATION. YOU choose the CENTER of YOUR Well-Being in accordance to your NEEDS.

It is interesting, that of all the Vibrations, Power Gratitude, chose, in the External Kingdom of the Pause, to RESTORE Politics. Politics was meant to be the sum-total of the collective Gratitude raised by the PEOPLE of a KINGDOM in Thanksgiving for the GIFT of the RULER and his TEAM. However, that has changed NOW, the RULERS serve their own coterie and their GRATITUDE is enough for them to BELIEVE they are POWER-filled.

At the time, when the origins of Politics were laid, and you know, we don’t go by Earth timelines, the groups were smaller and the rulers PRAYED for Divine Guidance before any Thought or Emotion became an ACTION. However, when we look at HOW politics has EVOLVED, we see the very essence has been sold to a few to manipulate the majority. It is sad, that such a beautiful vibration, be so cruelly, manipulated, that there is a sense of dread or hatred, for the very understanding of the Power Politics, that most people associate Politics with everything it was never meant to BE. Man’s version of POLITICS is HOW to you the DOMINANT EMOTION of the collective people and manipulate their THOUGHT to serve their LONGEVITY of REIGN. THIS MUST CHANGE… and so the SHIFT in POWER, DIVINELY, as the HOLY SPIRIT, re-birth’s into the PLANET this day.

He will NOT take form as a HUMAN, yet, will THIS DAY FORWARD, work through the COLLECTIVE Gratitude of the PEOPLE and OPERATE from the INDIVIDUAL in accordance to the GRATITUDE they HOLD within them. So.It.Is.

We must also, remember, this moment NOW, that the very definition of the CHURCH has shifted from the BUILDING to the INDIVIDUAL and the CHURCH/TEMPLE/GURUDWARA/MONASTERY each have now become the ARK for the fellowship of the Temple of Eternal Light, of Trust.Joy.Clarity.Grace in the HEART of each individual creation manifest on the planet with the “pause-ability” to step into the NOW and transition to the KNEW Earth.

Power Imagination: When you choose the HEART to SEE. Also, the Power to Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest is deeply rooted in power imagination before it is GIVEN unto Forgiveness for-giving for-getting.

Power Forgiveness: YOU can read this one… is already written for you

Power Love: This is where GRATITUDE is deeply rooted. For Love and Gratitude are the two Eternal Energies, of  MANIFEST in the times of CHANGE. Power Gratitude, is the onward journey from Power Love, Love and Gratitude are the Twin Eternal and so, where ONE is CONSCIOUS the OTHER is the SUB-CONSCIOUS. Also the HOW of the transition from Manifest Masculine to Manifest Feminine of the Earth Transition. So, Power Love is HOW Gratitude is ENABLED and FLOURISHES into her ROLE in CREATION! They are also the MIRACLE energy when Gratitude is the PAUSE. Remember, Love is THOUGHT and Power is ACTION. Gratitude is the blood and Love is the body of Eternal Light both, make up the vital expansion of what we call HUMAN.

Power Faith: They are the most Eternal Light-Imagination-Forgiveness filled and are expansive, the CORE energies of Creation… They are the UNSEEN- have never manifested on the Earth, pure-energy expansions of Divine. Power is the PUREST form of Masculine and Faith the PUREST form of Feminine expansion. Power is Breath and Faith is Water.

Power.Confidence: Is the Pause-Ability we activated in the month of May that you may learn to BRING your Thought.Emotion into the PAUSE for ACTION into the Earth Kingdom

Power.Wisdom: is the gift of the energy in WATER that flows to sustain the Earth. The waters, when in POWER wisdom activate Faith of Divine Levels. Practiced in Hinduism this is Faith. It is also of pure genius that today, the 3rd the festival of Ganga Dushhera, which is the preparation of the Waters of the Earth to reveal HOLINESS or FAITH as we NOW understand. there is also the the celebration of Mahesh Navami that was celebrated. The Masculine and Feminine of preparations that lead to the birthday of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Honestly speaking, each day, communication flows and I see the patterns flowing towards something even greater than I ever imagined, I pray for every vibration to communion into the NOW and enable the earth transition. Its actually, IT IS FINISHED, with the PASSED and its ways, it is time to RECEIVE Now Wisdom and NOW Confidence of the Earth Kingdom as it IS! This takes a lot of UNLEARNING or LEARNING TO UNLEARN!  

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