Saturday Prayer: Understanding Us

The focus of the month for Gratitude is to come into HARMONY, Union with the Earth Kindgom, her perspectives will open your heart to why she chooses the Us, of the Month to BE “Earth Kindgom”.


Eternal Light

  1. Eternal Kingdom of Imagination Forgiveness
    • Eternal Love
  2. Internal Kingdom of Love Faith
    • Eternal Faith
  3. External Kingdom of Power Gratitude:
    • Eternal Gratitude
  4. Earth Kingdom of Wisdom Confidence – This is where YOU are, the sum-total of vibration of Eternal Light focused into a body, to experience and experiment with vibrations and create the seen.
    • Eternal Power

And You Are…  exactly why Gratitude has chosen her Us is the Earth Kingdom. She wants to see the Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution reflect fully their Divine Destiny over the Density of HisStory. She has chosen to restore, Wisdom & Confidence and the vibrations of their FIRST expansion back in ACTION. They have spent too many years being Human, it is their Vibrational restoration is KEY to the TRANSITION of the EARTH. So.It.Is

The Emotion, the Earth Kingdom holds, Feminine. Birthed into the Earth Kingdom by Forgiveness Faith and Gratitude and is GIVEN unto the Earth through Wisdom & Confidence to grow forth through the vibration of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution. So.It.Is

Just so you understand this in Earth Terms, you IMMEDIATE boss, whom you must turn to, is Wisdom & Confidence, because, when you are BORN into the PHYSICAL you are a sum total of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution of which the Day, Date, Time, you first ANNOUNCE your PERSON of EARTH Kingdom is the 9th is YOU. The Confidence Manifest of Know.Allow.Accept and the Wisdom Evolution of Courage.Abundance.Knowledge. Eternal Power ACTION with the Free-Will to Know.Allow.Accept with Courage.Abundance.Knowledge, through your EXPERIENCES and EXPERIMENTS with Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action. So.It.Is

This is HOW, you are UNIQUE unto yourself and a unique CODE of Divine Energy focused into the Earth Kingdom. Through your years on the planet, you experience the Divine energy shifts in accordance to the Humans you exchange energy with. This expansion, is HOW we have so many vibrations we know as WORDS. However, it be known UNTO you that your NAME is the WORD be-come FLESH and the unique Date.Day.Month.Year.Time you were born holds within itself the Wisdom & Confidence of Eternal Light for you.

Your PHYSICAL PARENTS are CUSTODIANS of your DIVINE energy and are given you that they may continue to Love you, have faith in you, be grateful for you and with Wisdom & Confidence prepare you for Power Action when your SOUL time arrives.

This is also WHY, Gratitude, has given you Knewmerology for your personal understanding of you. To Understand that when you pray, choose, the frequency of your Day.Date.Time.Month.Year energy, to know the vibrations that are GIVEN unto you, that you may begin to LIVE with Vibrational Purpose on the PLANET and CREATE with Imagination and Forgiveness in Thought. Feel with Love and Faith in Emotion, Pause with Power Gratitude before you take Action with Wisdom and Confidence to MANIFEST EVOLUTION, through your Free-Will.

Today, PRAYER must be focused on restoring WHO YOU REALLY are… Feel free to write to US, through this BLOG if you have any questions. With External Kingdom of Gratitude, every vibrational expansion has the UNIQUE opportunity to step into the PAUSE and RE-Align THOUGHT.EMOTION.ACTION and tap into the Power Action of the Transition.

Therefore, you are encouraged to Focus on your-self. For your UNIQUE destiny is needed on the planet for the Manifest.Evolution of the Knew.Earth.


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