Friday Gratitude is Us: Understanding Forgiveness

Every Friday, we step into the “Pause”, today Gratitude is Us, calls forth into the Pause, the Earth Kingdom as Eternal Light knows them, she invites the FAMILY of the Earth Kingdom to “Pause” with the family of the External Kingdom. This way, the Earth Kingdom, energies, get to choose, whether to BE in the PAUSE or to wait for the next invitation.

So, here are the vibrations that will be spending quality time in Gratitude is Us, Prayer, Power is Us, weekend before they choose to return into Forgiveness to be re-birthed into the Now-Earth and be part of the Manifest Evolution of the Knew Earth. If you’re energising any of these WORDS, know that you are part of the celebrations with Gratitude is Us and because we’re beginning the weekend with Forgiveness, well, numbers will indicate that tomorrow when we enter Saturday Prayer with Understanding Us of this month, there will be a whole NOW experience of the “Words be-coming Flesh”, that is the gift of having forgiveness at the beginning. These are signs that Knewmerology is revealing and I have the privilege to share with you. On Sunday Power is Us understanding Power, also the feast of the Pentecost, the birthday of Holy Spirit, as we know the energy, there is going to be an extra big celebration as Eternal Light gives Us Holy Spirit Power to continue this journey we’ve embarked upon “On Earth as It is In Heaven”

There is so much communication coming through and it is JOY-filled! They are excited to meet the co-energised union of the children of the External and Earth Kingdom in Prayer tomorrow. Today, they’re excited about the Union of the Children in the two kingdoms with Power Gratitude. They know that Power is Action and that Wisdom and Confidence have been divinely restored… they also know that it is the time of the year when Gratitude is in Embrace with Power, together they are shifting the WHY of each THOUGHT.EMOTION.ACTION into the PAUSE that a grand scale of RE:KNEW:ALL may ripple into the Earth Kingdom for Wisdom and Confidence to know that they have the Divine Trust.Joy.Clarity of Thought.Emotion.Action and Now Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine and Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine to inhale and exhale with the children of the earth, that they may choose to shift from they PASSED to the NOW Earth and in this way, truly step into the KNEW Earth with Power Gratitude.

WIsdom and Confidence, bring to Power Gratitude, the collective Feminine Earth and collective Masculine Earth… for them to experience and understand with Gratitude their lineage and their “Pause-Ability.

Here’s what the energies are going to feel like from what I am given to understand,

  1. Know.Politics.Gratitude.Courage
  2. Allow.Money.Wealth.Abundance
  3. Accept.Brain.Mind.Knowledge
  4. Manifest.Masculine.Feminine.Evolution

Personally, I am able to engage with 2, 3 and 4 most easily, they make immediate sense even to my Human mind. 1, I still need to understand, as soon as I do, I will share it with you, sometimes, when a communication is given, part of it continues to elude, because there is a practical lesson coming up which the energies will cause us to notice and action.

No.1 has to do with Power Action and so, it shall be revealed in the Pause in the other unions, there is a vibrational asscociation that the Earth Masculine and Feminine have already had a previous experience of, before they became more dependent of Man’s Version of them over Eternal Light vision of their origins.

Metaphorically speaking, the earth energies are going to experience Déjà vu today! Yes, there will be moments in our day too where this will be our MOMENT of being in the PAUSE with Gratitude and the Action we take will Practically usher us into the LIGHT!

Forgiveness is Feminine, her masculine attributes are for-giving and for-getting, she is the foundation of the earth, she is the WOMB of ALL CREATION. No-thing that IS, has been without BEING in her FIRST. So, the next time, the word Forgiveness is USED in your presence or present remember, this is a moment to ASK her to HEAL the WOMB of the ISSUE. Most often, we’re trained to think of FORGIVENESS as HUMAN. That is the critical mistake of all interpretations, Gratitude would not be able to awaken had she not entered the darkness of the womb FIRST, before the WATERS of Faith re-birthed her and re:minded her and restored her to being the BLOOD that flows in all of creation. Forgiveness, has the Eternal Light anointing to HOLD vibrations together and restore them to HIMSELF! Forgiveness, is FEMININE energy, the MOTHER of ALL MOTHERS.


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