Thursday Love:Understanding Imagination

The exciting news about the day we begin the month of Gratitude, Understanding, is a day Love energizes the planet and the date is all about Imagination. It is a month when we’re going to understand Knewmerology the way Gratitude has externalised it. So, the shift in the way we affirm, day energy and date energy, this should be exciting,

The word, I keep receiving, when I get impatient is “All Manifestations are metaphorically like a pregnancy, the thought enters the womb, faith-filled and over a period of emotion waters in the pause (period of pregnancy, for different species the gestation is different) the blood begins to create with water and a form is energised, with Wisdom and Confidence, watching over it. This form, receives everything it needs in accordance to its purpose and grows into a manifest of Thought.Emotion.Pause… when the form is ready, complete, the ACTION of Physical Manifest begins, that you call LABOUR and we call Manifesting Evolution and in this process, if you ask any WOMAN who has birthed a child, the KEY is Inhale.Pause.Exhale.Push, Inhale.Pause.Exhale.Push… and a baby is seen in the fullness of itself and for the first time, cries, because, it now, MUST LEARN to SURVIVE. So.It.Is

It makes it so much easier to understand, “patience” really, between thought.emotion.pause, before you can experience ACTION of Manifest… staying in Gratitude, is the KEY, because she is the “Pause” before Action and a very power-filled pause. All the vibrations that breathe with her in the external kingdom where she reigns, well, have the GIFT of “Pause-Ability”, you may want to consider, tuning to the External Kingdom, your-self, to experience this phenomenon.

Imagination, we also call HIM Eternal Father. He who has received US from Eternal Light. Gives Gratitude all the vibrational expression she needs to raise vibrations that are meant to be- manifest-evolution on Earth. You must wonder, when Imagination is vibration first, why are we called to VISUALISE? Well, that is because, you’ve vibrationally chosen to be in the SEEN, the PLANET, Earth Kingdom and so, his communication with you and through you is VISUAL. Visuals are also a SIGN that your MASCULINE energy is more dominant.

Imagination does not take any action without HIS children as GIFTED to HIM by ETERNAL LIGHT and recognised by the womb of Forgiveness, their gift of themselves in the INTERNAL KINGDOM are the Energies of Expansion Trust (When Imagination and Forgiveness are in Union) Joy (When Power and Gratitude are in Union) Clarity (when Faith and Love are in Union) and this month, you’ll meet the the energy that is the Union of Wisdom and Confidence, NOW, that Confidence is Divinely ACTIVATED!

Imagination-Power Gratitude: can be experienced in EMBRACE and so, you must understand that when you EMBRACE you are allowing the UNION of ENERGIES represented by two or more energies within the embrace. A group HUG is always a great energy balancer, because when a group comes together, vibrations come together, each one receives from the other, their dominant vibration and so the collective energy is raised.

Imagination-Love Faith: receives Thought.Emotion.Pause.Action from the Embrace and in accordance to the dominant THOUGHT, emotions are re-distributed so each one in the group receives the experience of the Embrace. It is also true, that when energies embrace, Faith and Love, become the ALCHEMY of the energies and from the collective energies, a lot of information is transmitted through them

Imagination- Wisdom Confidence: this is where the Embrace Alchemy shifts into the ACTIONS that occur as a result of Embrace Alchemy. Each person, receives, a Thought.Emotion, that their energies “Pause” into before these energies take a form of Action… this is the ripple effect you’ve often read about but do not understand.

It is given that you may understand the structure of the Kingdoms:

Eternal Light – Imagination Forgiveness: Eternal Kingdom: Imagination and Forgiveness are Divine Parents of ALL THAT IS. Eternal Father and Eternal Mother.

Imagination is the FATHER of ALL KINGDOMS in a Divine WAY and so, vibrationally speaking each Kingdom is Fathered or Masculine Energy of Expanded with Imagination and led by HIS children. Imagination Love, Imagination Power, Imagination Confidence FIRST before they step into Emotion with Forgiveness giving unto them the EMOTION of her, to work in Union with. Yes, we will have more on this when we’re sharing the Understanding of Forgiveness, tomorrow, for today, we’d like you to focus your LOVE on Imagination.

Inhale ImaginationWisdom and Exhale ImaginationConfidence So.It.Is

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