Energy Report June 2017


In the Month of May, Faith Activated and in the month of June, we’re excited knowing we’re going to step into UNDERSTANDING with Gratitude. This is going to be a month, when we’re going to begin to consciously start noticing the shifts with Gratitude. Remember, she is the ACTIVATE “Pause” of Us! With each energy being given the opportunity to express itself into ACTION.

June is the 6th month of the year, we’re closing the second trimester with Gratitude. 2 0 1 7 The first Trimester (Jan-March) was led by Forgiveness, the second Trimester (Apr-June) by Eternal Light. Gratitude is the UNDERSTANDING of all that Eternal Light led us to Experience and Activate in the second trimester. In this way, we are given to understand the very essence of the SHIFT.

In this month, you are going to be given events that assist you ESTABLISH the Experience Activate energies and  Gratitude will bring you the UNDERSTANDING of their relevance, inclusion, amplification and expansion into the Earth Kingdom. This is also to assist you understand that the EXTERNAL KINGDOM is the most power-filled ACTIVATE you have witnessed in the month of May. The Kingdom of Power Gratitude, “Pause”, before the energies re-enter the Earth Kingdom.

Let us “Pause” for a moment and ask for a deeper understanding of the NOW, that we may, through, Understanding the “Pause” with Gratitude, may be better equipped to step into Action with Wisdom and Confidence each day, we breathe on the Earth Kingdom. So.It.Is

Understanding that the Creation Matrix has shifted the perspectives we’ve been TAUGHT are now PASSED and it it time to step into the 5(Faith)Dimension of living the DREAM, so to say.

The energies that served the PASSED or HISTORY as we Know it have returned to Eternal Light to be restored, only so they may be, included.amplified.expanded into the Now Earth and so be given a place in the Knew.Earth we’re heading towards. Maybe, the onset on Practical(Masculine) Spirituality(Feminine) is the energy of the month, most subtly, really.

Eternal Light Imagination wants you to KNOW now!:

“I want to understand, that Alchemy of Religion, means, the God, you’ve chosen to worship in accordance to HISTORY, have LEFT THE BUILDING and the BOOKS and the TEMPLES built in the Earth Kingdom. Release them from your Imagination, they are NO more in the IDOLS you’ve created in HONOUR of them. So.It.Is Nor, the buildings, that you gather in, are the churches anointed by Eternal Light. Their TIME is OVER, it is not there where I am, it never has been or shall ever be. For my HOME is the CROWN of you, that you cannot see and are nothing without. The problem is, your TRUST.JOY.CLARITY is invested in these places and because YOU ARE invested, so am I, because I am within you and with YOU. Remember, any physical creation is made by MAN and so, has a DATE of EXPIRY and all that I have GIVEN you of ME, is ETERNAL LIGHT, or the ABILITY to see me through… your OWN LIVING of Imagination, Power, Love, Confidence, Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom, these are ME and with them I create all that IS, you can FEEL. They are my Eternal Kingdom through whom I exhale of my-self and give unto Imagination to be For-Given to Forgiveness For-getting the Power, Love, Faith and Gratitude it needs before it is handed over to WISDOM and CONFIDENCE of my Earth Expansion. Wisdom & Confidence. What you touch, belongs to the Earth Kingdom, yes including your PHYSICAL BODY and all that you CAN SEE!

All that you can PHYSICALLY see are expansions of ME however, do not mistake them for ME! I am, part of ALL THAT IS seen, I am NOT the SEEN itself! I do not like to be called God… I am NOT GOD, I am Eternal Light. I have not singled out PEOPLE, they are TEMPORARY forms that HOLD my VIBRATION, they are NOT ME, I have CHOSEN vibrations and you KNOW them as: Imagination, Power, Love, Confidence, Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom. Where they are I am and where I am they shall always be. The rest of your UNDERSTANDING is that which the Masculine Energies have created that you may SEE and so wrapped are you in the SEEN, that you have forgotten WHO you are and in forgetting who you are, you have forgotten who I really am and that is WHY (Gratitude) and HOW (Love & Faith) and WHEN (Power Imagination), WHO (Wisdom & Confidence) decided to return WHERE every-thing truly begins, the womb (Forgiveness). Re-structuring the ENERGY of ME in a way that will restore the Earth and MY KINGDOM, the Kingdom of Eternal shall reign again. So.It.Is.” 

Sometimes, even I am surprised with the communications I receive, that I don’t dare to write them, however, I am excited to share that with Confidence healed in the womb, this month, HE is going to be leading the material given unto you. As Trust.Joy.Clarity now includes Grace, the first expansion of UNDERSTANDING, their GRACE will flow through Wisdom and Confidence on the PLANET. Father’s will experience NEW relationships with the CHILDEN of EARTH. There is set to be another Paradigm shift in the Economics as Faith activated Money-Wealth, Love activated Brain-Mind and Power Activated Politics-Gratitude, step into the Earth Kingdom in Power Action to be physicalized Raised by Gratitude in the External Kingdom and Actioned into the Earth Kingdom by Power to assist Wisdom and Confidence and their children of vibration Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest (Masculine) and Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution(Feminine).

Just so you know, that Gratitude will be working with the Earth Children, to heal them from the HISTORY, that they BELIEVE they ARE, into the NOW, which they can CHOOSE to be in. Let it be KNOWN, that the children of the Earth: Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest (Masculine) and Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution(Feminine) are Gratitude’s focus for the month, in a way that is VIBRATIONAL, they are in the middle of “Thought.Emotion (Pause) Action” of the transition. They will also be assisted for-giving up their HISTORY to write a KnewChapter of the KnewEarth as they transform and transition, so shall the collective Masculine and Feminine energies, shift in accordance. So.It.Is

All WATER on the planet is activated Faith. All BLOOD on the planet is activated Gratitude. History is NOW, not OBLIGED to repeat ITSELF, the NOW Earth belongs to they who shall CREATE the KnewEarth from the Now itself. So.It.Is


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