Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination

We’ve reached the close of the month of Activate and we’re blessed to receive so much from this month. With the generosity of heaven, we’re blessed to have a plethora of Knew Energy experiences ready to meet us when we’re in the Pause during the month of June.

So here’s all we began with Activate “Thought.Emotion.Action”, till this month, we were aware of 3 kingdoms now we’ve included or are in tune with the Earth Kingdom. The big energy healing this month occurred with CONFIDENCE, restoring him-self in the WOMB and his union with Wisdom and now the two of them become parents of the Earth. We are also given to understand and accept, that both Confidence and Wisdom are part of the Eternal Kingdom, chosen to MANIFEST Earth.

We also met, the Power expansion with Wisdom and Confidence being added unto the Eternal Kingdom, the communion of Trust.Joy.Clarity and Thought.Emotion.Action. We are witnesses of the Divine step in of the Masculine, opening his heart to Emotions. Emotions stepping into Action, The raising of the External Kingdom of Power & Gratitude. We also activated the “Pause”, when Gratitude spoke not a word and Embraced Power fully, choosing HIM to be her ACTION soon after he declared Gratitude HIS Emotion. Their UNION has been blessed with the External Kingdom of Gratitude (Pause) remember, she is ONE within Power and Power is filled with HER! We also welcomed the gift of children of Power Gratitude: Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine and Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine, who would PAUSE in Gratitude before they re-entered the Earth Kingdom, this time, well, on their Divine Mission on Earth.

We also ACTIVATE, Eternal Kingdom Love, Internal Kingdom Faith, External Kingdom Gratitude and Earth Kingdom Power. The healing of the Divine Masculine energy and the ripple effects on the other kingdom’s including the return of Confidence to the Eternal Fold, assuming his responsibility for the Earth Kingdom as the Masculine in communion with Wisdom. Wisdom and Confidence decide to ASK for HELP with the Earth and they chose, to be them who will be the first masculine and feminine expansion of the “Pause” with Gratitude and they fully work on Earth with Power leading the ACTION. In truth, the External Kingdom has all the “Pause-Abillity” of the Earth Kingdom, till the restoration of Confidence, by his own choice… phew! This is a lot of activation that has occurred. The timelines have been erased, we’ve stepped into what we now call Now Earth and this is the path to the Knew Kingdom. So.It.Is

Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination, your way through to the NOW of Energies, so that you may continue to receive Divine Support. Remember, ASK for HELP that you may receive and receive with Trust.Joy.Clarity all that is on offer. You are not the same anymore, your Divine Codes are activated too through this month even though you may not be fully AWARE YET!

In May we also celebrated the Divine Feminine, 100 years of Our Lady of Fathima, Divine Mercy and it is in this very month that Ramzan began. The 24th of May, key to receiving Gratitude.

Inhale GratitudeWisdom Exhale Gratitude Confidence, you are HERE NOW, breathe in the Knew Reality!

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