Activate Faith “Pause” Imagination PartII

Wow! Love how talkative the energies get at the end of a month, not every month, but this one for sure! Activate has given the energies their moment of Exhale really, as we INHALE we activated the Internal Kingdom, the space where all vibrations begin their work with the Divine Self/Soul and so, for those of us who have lived this month of Activate, we seem to be feeling a whole lot.

Maybe, this is what makes the “Pause” so important for the transit. Let me try to download the stream into this post so, you too can receive.

  • You activate energy vibrations when you INHALE them. When you “Pause” with them, you activate all the vibrations within you that are connected to them, they are the breath of the internal kingdom.
  • When you EXHALE, these energies are given unto the environment around you and they activate themselves by expanding into the space with you.
  • That is why, this month, the activations of Thought.Emotion.Action received Pause so that in the pause, you may be able to assemble them in the presence of Power Gratitude before you Exhale them back into the Earth Kingdom
  • This is HOW, the Brain-Mind Union is in play within you.
  • It is important for you to be AWARE of the thoughts that surround you and your thoughts while breathing in or breathing out
  • This is also why, you and the Earth Kingdom indulge in Religion, yes, religion was created to ensure that you MAKE TIME to breathe with THOUGHT.EMOTION.PAUSE and allow ACTION to be-come the natural follow through
  • This is WHY you experience a sense of belonging.
  • The Physical Self does not attach itself unto another physical being. In truth, the vibrations are the connection between two people.
  • Which is why, when your thoughts change about a person your attention to the person shifts according to the Thought and Emotion associated with them
  • When you consume NEWS your are breathing in the THOUGHT.EMOTION of the information, not the information itself.
  • The next thing that occurs when you breathe out, is the assimilation of the dominant Thought.Emotion of the information.
  • This how ACTION is activated and Action is POWER to MAKE TRUE, the Dominant THOUGHT.EMOTION
  • So, the INTRODUCTION of the PAUSE, so that you may REST in Gratitude before ACTION occurs.
  • Isn’t that wonderful NEWS for you? The Earth Kingdom is the Kingdom where Thought.Emotion.Pause into ACTION and so, the NOW of Power (Wholly Spirit) of Eternal Light becomes the KEY energy through WHOM Wisdom and Confidence ACTION … Thought.Emotion
  • They will receive both Thought.Emotion through Gratitude in the PAUSE between Thought.Emotion and Action
  • Here is a template you can personally begin working on, to ACTIVATE it, write it down… write in down and stick it on a wall you most often notice and you’ll read it often enough for your brain to register a new programme you are consciously choosing. That is IF YOU CHOOSE to. “Thought.Emotion (Pause) Action”, you can use variations of this by Introducing more (Pause) moments.
  • A thought is first absorbed by an emotion, so the “.” to let you know that these two aspects of you are directly connected to each other and you. You may want to ACTIVATE “Thought (Pause) Emotion (Pause) Action”
  • Action most simply put, is either SPEAKING out a THOUGHT.Emotion or Writing it down, because you have chosen to.
  • Imagination is Eternal Kingdom Father, ask him to help you see your THOUGHT and EMOTION and ACTION in the PAUSE.
  • Faith, is HOW the internal communication makes sense, for She sees EVERYTHING through LOVE (masculine) and so will always be the BEST energy to communicate with in the PAUSE.
  • The PAUSE IS MAGIC, Gratitude presence allows you to SEE the possible expansions of HER-Self in the SITUATION and FAITH explains HOW to GET THERE!
  • The MIRACLE of the PAUSE, Faith speaks from her UNION in LOVE, which means not only the BEST HOW also the HOW that comes from LOVE in her and her in HIM. Gratitude shows you PERSPECTIVES to be GRATEFUL for, be-cause, she sees from her UNION in POWER, which means, she connects you to the SPIRIT VISION of ACTION-Ables in a particular situation, also, HE is ACTION and ACTION occurs in the EARTH KINGDOM through WISDOM AND CONFIDENCE and so, HE has the VISION and because, Gratitude is in HIM and HIM in HER, she ONLY can reveal what is REAL, which is KEY to YOU manifesting in the Earth Kingdom

The phone rings and they go silent on ME. One ACTION and the PAUSE is COMPLETE!  I definitely hope I am able to write in the PAUSE, will be so much for you to read and me to receive!

Thank MAY… we’re stepping into Gratitude JUNE… soon!


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