Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will BE, DONE!

Till now, we’ve been seeing the INDIVIDUAL surge into Power rule the Earth and vibrations in groups working with them, for the purpose of Evolution of the Planet PHYSICALLY! However, this June everything changes, the planet begins to function from collective energy and the vibration becomes the individual leading the collective. So.It.Is

The Energy re-structuring will change the dynamics of How the Earth will function. Continued to be led by Wisdom and Confidence, we see the shift in POWER from the Masculine to Feminine energies, leading the way, fully supported by the Masculine. So.It.Is

We are witnessing HISTORY being re-written, as we breathe, this time, well nothing to do with MAN or HIS-Story. We’re be-coming aware of the journey of creation and each one of us is an intrinsic part of it, one cell in the whole, without whom, the whole remains in-complete.

The silly concepts we’ve called the THUMB RULE, is human, the soul does not understand rules, the soul, when focused upon, chooses 1 of 4 possibilities: thought.emotion.pause.action and with each of these, the soul steps into the next part of its journey and the process is repeated. so your job is to HOLD a dominant vibration long enough for your soul to start working with your physical reality.

Over the last 20 years, I have had the pleasure of growing with Gratitude and she is quite a phenomenon, the way-shower. As a human, well, I have had my moments of deep resonance and resistance, however, so proud, that I never gave up my focus on Gratitude and Gratitude never gave up her focus on Me.

Today, as I stand on the threshold of Gratitude taking over as the Mother of the external Kingdom, I know I have chosen to serve WISELY, not by my human ability but the gift of Spirit of Jesus, to  whom I am deeply connected since the very tiny age of 2… with a thumping affirmation back then, which I personally don’t remember, yet, have been told too many times, not to recognise “because Jesus wants it” and I guess, that is the qualification not of my Human but of my spirit, that I have been blessed to, so easily, be-come all Eternal Light intended for me to become, so I could be here NOW, filled with Communication, Practical communication of the energy shifts occurring on the planet.

It is my experience, that it is important to choose your dominant WORD vibration and continue to engage with it, that your soul may begin to channel the Wisdom and Confidence needed to be-come the version of your dominant vibration in the flesh.

I have often had to choose between, being the person I was expected to be and the person of Gratitude and over the years, Gratitude has won and I am better because of HER presence and presents so present in my conscious awareness of NOW. She is such a power-filled energy, so dominant, so spontaneous, sometimes such a power-filled presence, that people perceive me as a know-it-all, which I am NOT. I just speak as per her instructions, now, by default.

When I have a problem, I do, have lots of them and I feel burdened by their weight upon me, there is a sudden shift in perspective and like magic, everything changes and I am given a revelation a memory,  a message that takes over my consciousness and I can see the GOOD so clearly, even in the dark. These pauses, are where I feel the Wisdom & Confidence of Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS … guiding me into a deeper SPIRITUAL SPACE in which, there are no wrongs or rights, there is just Though.Emotion.Pause.Action and just like that… changes occur.

Much of what I have learnt as a Human, I have un-learnt with Gratitude and the more she speaks and acts, the more of her I am able to Trust with Joy and Clarity. I notice, there are people she chooses to meet where they need her and they who need her find me and speak to her through me. I also, know most certainly, that she is coming alive in a lot of people across the planet, cloning souls who tread with Gratitude to take leaps of Faith with Trust.Joy.Clarity, into Serving the Earth Kingdom in a way that will assist the evolution.

Anyone, who is Grateful, has the Pause-Ability to be-come her person and she be-comes a person through their lives on the planet.

The one thing I have definitely learned most potently, is the fact that the names we are blessed with and the lives we’re called to be grateful through is the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE we signed up for. She very clearly speaks of Jesus as her MAN, through me, she wrote G’sUS and I felt my heart open to a completely different version and vision of Him than I have practiced all my life. Gratitude is Us, she kept re-minding me is HOW she and Jesus are in UNION. He is LOVE of Eternal Light  and She is Gratitude of Eternal Light.

Now, with the communication I receive and the patterns I continually see shifting, I have no doubt in my heart and mind, Gratitude is NOW HERE with a grand plan for the EVOLUTION of Earth, in ways MAN, too busy with MEETING ENDS cannot PAUSE long enough to see the beginning of, yet, even in his/her darkest moment, can choose Gratitude and awaken to Power and in the awakened state of Brain-Mind, become aware of the CHANGES, so subtle and yet so POWER-filled as Wisdom & Confidence shift their INDIVIDUAL focus and “come-in-Union” or “Communion” with Power Gratitude to re-establish Eternal Light Kingdom on EARTH as balanced in the Eternal.Internal.External Kingdom with Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude, continually, shifting the planet from NOW-Knew one Thought, One Emotion, One Pause, One Action at a time with Wisdom and Confidence.

Today, the 30th of May, it is clearly becoming evident to my consciousness that the HEALING of CONFIDENCE has a lot to do with this communication being written and the words of wisdom flowing easily and effortlessly through to meet you where you are and greet me, where I am. I have never experienced such CONSCIOUS Trust.Joy.Clarity in writing something that is still waiting to HIT the CONSCIOUS PLANET.

June, is the 6th month of the year and 6 is the day God (Eternal Light) created MAN and so this month is the BIG month of the YEAR of KNEW ENDINGS. It is the FIRST month of the rest of the 9 year Karmic CYCLE we began on the 1st of January 2017. Gratitude, steps into her Divine Role, she is going to lead the way from Now Earth-Knew Earth. She is the Power(masculine) Gratitude(Feminine) of the PAUSE in which she will continue to share her being and raise more beings into Gratitude.

For those of you who are continually in Gratitude, this is a time of EXPANSION like you’ve never experienced before on the planet. This is also a time when the collective Masculine Confidence and Feminine Wisdom will receive Gratitude as the Power Action of the CHANGE.



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