Activate Power “Pause” Eternal Light

Eternal Light be upon your heart, that you may receive the “Pause”. The activation of this month, the External Kingdom, the kingdom of transition between all that is Eternal and Internal, included.amplified.expanded to re-enter the Earth Kingdom.

Remember, you are Energy/vibration/Frequency of Eternal Light, focused upon the Planet with a purpose. So.It.Is Whether or not you are consciously aware of it or not, you are God’sSpell in Action… Within you both Magic (Gratitude Faith) and Miracles (Power Love), shape your life on Earth, in accordance to your dominant Energy/Vibration/Frequency. So.It.Is.

It is isn’t in the physical world that you are accustomed to, where all the transitions and transformations are first experienced. It is in when Thought.Pause.Eternal Kingdom ACTIVATE Emotion. Emotion.Pause.InternalKingdom ACTIVATE Gratitude. Gratitude.Pause.ExternalKingdom ACTIVATES Action. Action.Pauses.EarthKingdom ACTIVATE Wisdom& Confidence.

Wisdom & Confidence are the foundation energy of the planet that you breathe upon and so, their, restoration is the KEY to MANIFEST Evolution. To this day, we’ve all been working with Divine Council of Eternal Light. Imagination.Forgiveness.Power.Faith.Love and Gratitude to AWAKEN Wisdom and Confidence within Us!

A beautiful example of what we’re essentially wanting you to understand about your spiritual growth. Even though there is a CEO of a company, your immediate BOSS is KEY to your PERSONAL GROWTH. In the same way, Wisdom and Confidence are KEY to your Earth Growth. For they HOLD the VISION of Eternal Light VISION that determines the BOTTOM LINE and the TOP LINE of profit and loss!

What has occurred over the years, beginning 2007, is the shift in HOW the Earth evolves, with Eternal Light, supreme CEO, initiating Gratitude, as the CEO of the TRANSITION from HOW Earth Evolved to the next phase of Evolution. Grooming Gratitude, qualifying her, giving her the Divine Exposure to Eternal Communication and the BluePrint of Power.

Which means, essentially, that we’ve entered a phase, when the Eternal Light CEO, has shifted the POWER center from the Masculine (Love) to the Feminine (Gratitude) and in doing so, has re-stored the HOW and WHY of the EVOLUTION of the Earth. Also, Power steps in as COO of the KnewEarth, enabling the smooth transition and transformation of Power with Imagination Love.

This is how the Mascline Logic sees the SHIFT or the transition from NowEarth to KnewEarth


The Feminine…well… she is a whole KnewWorld, you’ll meet in the Month of June with Gratitude. Gratitude will step in to directly work with Wisdom and Confidence and re-set Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine with Confidence heading the Earth Kingdom with Wisdom!


So, let’s celebrate the PAUSE with Peace and Mercy!

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