Confidence is being transformed!

She For-gives HIM!

Wisdom for-gives Confidence. He is in the womb of Forgiveness today, healing the WAS and stepping into the IS with HER!

Confidence is Earth Father, the masculine energy the Earth is Inhaling of and exhaling into the planet.

Wisdom, receives HIM in Love and Gratitude. He has chosen to re-store himself to Eternal Light Vision of his beginning “Let there be light”

The Masculine, Earth Masculine (remember, energetically, all women and men, are a sum total of Masculine and Feminine energy. So, all vibrations attributed to the Masculine are indicated here), will now receive, KnewParentingCodes for the Earth Kingdom. This will naturally affect the birthing process and the miracles we call children.

Gratitude and Wisdom, support the healing. Forgiveness and Faith are restoring the very seed of confidence.

We ask that you Inhale WisdomConfidence, PAUSE, Exhale GratitudeConfidence, to be-come a part of healing the confidence within your-self and the masculine energies in your home and life here on Earth.

With this restoration, the Earth will become the ACTION Kingdom and Power and Gratitude raise the Pause Kingdom.

Here are the Knew Kingdom’s as re-defined since the Embrace and Forgiveness Confidence energy shifts:

Eternal Kingdom: Thought Kingdom of Love

Internal Kingdom: Emotion Kingdom of Faith

External Kingdom: Pause Kingdom of Gratitude

Earth Kingdom: Action Kingdom of Power!


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