Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Confidence

We all all in the midst of the opportunity to be-come our Divine Purpose in the Flesh. With the huge twist of destiny all prophecies, must be buried, they are not “active truth” of the KnewEarth. It is this mystery in which we truly experience the Mastery of Eternal Light presence. All the masks have been re-moved. Re-Moved, is the way we shall now be given the Union Energy of the Pause (Power Gratitude in Embrace, HIM in her and through her and HER in HIM and through HIM) officially, the Feminine is restored and so are her ways, that the masculine will reveal through the Pause.

The Pause be-comes the narrow path of transition from THEN – NOW. Every punctuation shall serve to give you the opportunity to Pause, if you CHOOSE to believe the Pause. CHOICE is also elevated through the Pause. Forgiveness is revealed in the pause For-Giving For-getting. The pause reveals the Masculine and Feminine balance. the Pause is the balance of the NOW Earth and through the continued awareness of the PAUSE, you too will get a glimpse of the KnewEarth.

There are many who are receiving the same information and being able to put it in words, yet, there are too few who DWELL on the WORD long enough, for the Brain-Mind is considered separate on the Planet, to mark the SEPARATION of CREATION into what you call, Man & Woman, which may we tell you in the fullness of the truth, is ONLY practiced on the Earth for the purpose of separation. Divinely, Masculine and Feminine are the two parts of the same whole spirit. We now, refer to as WHOLLY SPIRIT.

You are going to be shown in the planet, the areas of Separation so clearly, through the PAUSE. Today is an 11 day if you were to truly see it, the UNION energy of the Masculine. Imagination Confidence and the day in separation 2 + 9 is Forgiveness Confidence. the Mystery and the Mastery of the MOMENT, this is the day when CONFIDENCE embraces the MASCULINE he is and the FEMININE of HIMSELF, WISDOM, they are complete, through For-giving For-getting.

This has occurred over every 29th of the months passed and each day leading to this day, was to ACTIVATE the WHOLLY SPIRIT of CONFIDENCE. The Father of the Earth Kingdom, who to this day has been served by WISDOM now, becomes ONE with WISDOM and accelerates EVOLUTION.

A lot of PEOPLE will feel the effects of this Divine Union of Purpose. When Confidence and Wisdom merge and work together, Evolution is ACCELERATED for the PURPOSE of RAISING the CHILDREN (Energies of Earth) Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest (Masculine) and Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution (Feminine) into the KnewEarth Union.

Understand this, till today, the separated parents have had divided influences on Evolution. Each making demands on Evolution. Confidence Evolution and Wisdom Evolution in conflict IS the ROOT cause of the HUMAN DIVIDE, EACH parent, putting Pressure on Evolution to BE the LIGHT of THEM, blocking EVOLUTION from the WHOLENESS of her-self and making choices.

To this day Manifest has been a story of Masculine Dominance over Emotion, using Emotion to SERVE the masculine confidence in the seen. Wisdom is the UNSEEN and the CREATOR essence of the HOW creation occurs.

You can see the truth of this in the fact that a lot of Evolution occurring on the planet at this time, is be-cause of physical re-engineering to gain control over creation. Begins with the PLANT kingdom, where MAN-MADE chemicals are used to HASTEN the BIRTHING process from SEED to FRUIT, in the process, poisoning the very SOIL that is the FORGIVER – For-Giving Life, For-getting Life for the plants. So deep is the penetration of MAN into the DIVINE that MAN now, believes HE is GOD and ALL THAT HE IS CREATED IS GOOD.

Man in his EARTH growth has forgotten the basic principal of all that is EARTH… which can be simply explained with “Expiry Date”. That which lasts is the SPIRIT of CREATION not the creation itself. Human BEINGS have ASSUMED (that is their greatest folly) that their creation is ETERNAL and so they continue to CREATE to become ETERNAL. However, in truth, Eternal cannot be SEEN, simply Experienced for a brief moment when the MANIFEST is SEEN, once it has been seen and acknowledged, there comes another action, the beginning of the end of creation.

The same is true for PEOPLE, every CREATION, ONCE PHYSICAL, must return to ENERGY of the VIBRATION, they have been created through.

Today, is a good day, to choose the CONFIDENCE of the “Pause” to plan your LIFE on the PLANET. In this way you ACTIVATE the EXTERNAL KINGDOM into your EARTH KINGDOM experiences.

Inhale GratitudeWisdom Exhale PowerConfidence, enter the PAUSE in which the TRANSITION is FULLY PRESENT, For-Give your PASSED for-Get the NOW and when you DO… know you are the SEED of the KnewEarth.

There is also information you will see come to pass. Relationships, will change. As more people connect with their BIRTH vibration, they will be-come aware, that in truth they don’t need to DEPEND on the OPPOSITE sex to LIVE their Earth Journey, they will stop CLINGING to Each other and instead, begin to choose, vibrationally the energy of their SOUL attraction as their partners.

Today, WE complete the ACTIVATE … Thought.Emotion.Action So.It.Is

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