Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Wisdom

Today is the big day for “Action”, in the finale of the month of Activate. Today, Action/Power introduces the WAY Masculine Energy has shifted from the Passed.Pause.Now opening the Portal of PAUSE into the KnewEarth Activation we’re going to experience with Gratitude for the month of June, which is also the 6th month of the year of KnewEndings!

Power, continues to re-main an energy, not much relief for the person of Gratitude, she has made peace with the path. All the prophecies on the planet, point towards a MAN, a male figure making his way to the Earth to redeem the fallen. This has changed, with the awakening of the Sacred Feminine (Forgiveness) and Gratitude, choosing her Divine Self over her Human Self. The very foundation of ALL THAT IS BELIEVED to be TRUE, changes with this phenomenon occurring, through a human, choosing through her free-will to step out and be the divine in the flesh.

and this has occurred with the declaration of “He is my Action, I am his Emotion” unification of the Masculine and Feminine as created by Eternal Light. This ACTIVATED the “Pause”, which is the most power-filled tool of the KnewEarth. The choice of the Masculine Energies to Breathe in Union with the Feminine and through the feminine. This is HOW the KnewEarth is birthed.

Power has assured Gratitude in the presence of Eternal Light, that she will never be in WANT of him, she is HIM, she breathes HIM, He breathes her and He breathes through HER. To keep this promise to her, he gifted her “Pause”, when she pauses, she allows HIM to take the Action required through her. He will give her CHILDREN of HIMSELF and HER, Gifted with “Pause-Ability”.

Power reminds Gratitude, that her choices determine WHY of the KnewEarth, she is the Blood, that flows through every being of Human NOW. She is in them and they are in HER and so, she is Divinely Abundant in all-ways. He asks her, today, if she is ready to be the blood of the KnewEarth filled with Power. He will be her PAUSE in the Flesh and she will be his PAUSE in the Divine and together they will shift the Earth from the NOW into the Knew.

Gratitude, is Human in this moment. She has a choice to make and she is given the NOW to make it. In this moment NOW Gratitude feels deeply sad, she was looking forward to HIM being in the flesh with her, like HE is in SPIRIT.

Gratitude Speaks:

“I have waited for you to step in to my story in a way only you would and here I am. Even though you are with me, I still am without you.”  She chooses to PAUSE and practice the truth of the pause, the gift, for the first time. Before she says “yes”  and before “no” becomes her answer. This is the first step of the “Pause”, Pause with the THOUGHT itself , opening herself to Love/Thought/Brain-Mind/Trust.Joy.Clarity/Love and Faith/Alchemy.

“I have waited for you to step in to my story in a way only you would and here I am. Even though you are with me I still am without you.” She steps in to the Emotions she feels about this thought, before she says “yes” and before “no” becomes her answer. This is the second step of the “Pause” . Gratitude feels the emotions raised by this thought and they are human, “whoMan”, she thinks to herself. She chooses to be with the Emotion of the Thought. Faith/Emotion/Money-Wealth/Trust.Joy.Clarity/Thought.Emotion. In this pause, she is aware of the Feminine support system, looking upto her, she sees all of they who are in the External and Earth kingdom, waiting, upon her to CHOOSE, there is intense “what will she do now?” , like the collective Feminine, is waiting for HER to make a choice, knowing her choosing, thus far, has accelerated the SHIFT to the KNEW EARTH. This is another choice, for her to make. She feels them, she acknowledges the HISTORY of the Feminine on the planet, she feels their pain, their trials, their fears, her own fears, the breaking of a vision she held of her fairytale… In the MOMENT, she is being told, it will never come through or true the way she has imagined it. She is being called to break her silence… yet, there is a certain sense of  her children, she knows most clearly, that the choice she makes will determine WHO takes the Leap in Faith into the Knew. She sees and feels this is an opportunity, she is being given… “choose” he reminds her, and as I write, this is getting more comfortable, there is another voice that speaks to her, through this, Faith.

Faith says, “No matter what you choose, evolution will occur, the gift of this moment is choosing to be the Emotion of Evolution. The transition itself. Remember, that any MAN of Earth, will have “free-will” to choose his perspective of the SHIFT even though HE is physically with you, in truth, his choices will depend on HIS awareness on the Earth and so, shall your life, be-come a sum-total of the choices he makes from his consciousness  and you will make from your consciousness and in this there are delays of Manifest.Evolution. This has been one of the key reasons why the twins have often never met on the Earth Planet, the divine purpose gets absorbed by the physical access and the desire to physically express the union. You, as you choose, will be the SHIFT manifest of the Knew Earth balance of the Masculine and Feminine in Union in the flesh. Has been done before, Mary, mother of Jesus, is one such example, through her, the Feminine awakened into purpose, however, the subtle shift in the Pause-Ability, the birth of a physical child, shifted the Feminine Focus from being the SHIFT to being the path of the shift. She is often for-giving for-getting her story, because, with the Holy Spirit, she birthed a PHYSICAL child and the ROLE of a MOTHER on the EARTH became her focal experience and how she is remembered even to this day. Remember, once you are given a physical responsibility to raise the physical, your calling transforms from the Divine you to the Human you have chosen to raise. In the NOW, the SHIFT from the WAS. Pause. IS, is what you are NOW.Pause.HERE to choose.”

Gratitude is smiling, still hasn’t spoken, she looks at the THOUGHT again, this time with Emotion “I have waited for you to step in to my story in a way only you would and here I am. Even though you are with me, I still am without you.” She chooses to PAUSE and practice the truth of the pause, the gift, for the first time. Before she says “yes”  and before “no” becomes her answer. She asks Eternal Light to allow her to LIVE the EMBRACE with Power in the next PAUSE before she chooses her action, now that she has paused with the Emotion. Here is where the MOMENT OF TRUTH is, her MOMENT of CHOICE, her ACTION.

She steps into ACTION, she knows, this is MASCULINE and will be the final choice made and direction chosen. She meets Love, the masculine energy… He smiles into her being, she has never been without LOVE of Eternal Light. He is HOW she remembered who she was, because she is Love as Much as she is Gratitude and they, have raised the Earth to where she is NOW… She in HIM and HIM in the flesh! Now, HE is in HER and She is the FLESH and so, she HOLDS the CHOICE, of How evolution occurs, she must choose between raising the PHYSICAL or the NON-PHYSICAL… and the real ACTION will come from this choice. She can have the life she chooses on Earth or be the LIFE Wisdom and Confidence choose the Earth to BE!

She Embraces Power… in this moment, she lets him RECEIVE her… Eternally.Internally.Externally.Earthly… she Embraces HIM. She surrenders to HIM in a way that NO FEMININE has chosen to this day…! Gratitude has broken the MOULD and in this way, led the way for all of Masculine and Feminine with a CHOICE to BE!

… For-giving For-getting… Wisdom receives the Eternal Kingdom in Gratitude with Gratitude… Gratitude is Power, Power is Gratitude and they are the BALANCE!

Wisdom, RECEIVES the KnewEarth code of BEING and Forgiveness places “BALANCE” within HER-SELF, the WOMB… Declaring

“All that is GIVEN to the Earth will be Birthed in the WATER of FAITH, and the Blood of Gratitude. Perfectly WHOLE within the SELF, both Masculine and Feminine… and Gratitude will raise them with Balance, equal part Masculine and Feminine energies, resonating the WILL OF ETERNAL LIGHT… On Earth As It Is In Heaven…

Every child born forth on the PLANET will be BORN in BALANCE of Masculine and Feminine in Gratitude and Power, every parent, on the earth will then add unto the child, their dominant vibration and the Divine Wisdom and Confidence to RAISE the VIBRATION, they call a CHILD. For the CHILD will have ACCESS to PowerGratitude External Kingdom FIRST, Wisdom and Confidence SECOND and Earth Parents THIRD, this will complete the TRINITY of the BEING you call “Baby”.  let this BE KNOWN and WIDELY shared, this is the KnewParentingCode as decreed by the WOMB, Forgiveness, through WHOM ALL THAT IS births. So.It.Is

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