Activate Prayer Forgiveness Love

this is how LOVE steps in… each month exhaling the internal kingdom into Confidence. Today, a mother is BORN, a children are given their parents and the parents are given the KnewParentingCodes in Prayer.

Parenting, is the PAUSE, Gratitude and Power are NOW here to Activate into fullness. The children being born on Earth are choosing Earth, not because of the NOW, they are the seeds of the KnewEarth. Explains perfectly, why, Earth energies are now, pushing both Parents to engage in Man’s Plan, so that there is no time to PAUSE into PURPOSE!

So while purpose is the NEED of the HOUR, both Divinely and Humanly, you are being engaged in the Human Purpose of Parenting, much stronger than your Divine Purpose. Today, Eternal Light, decrees, the KnewEarth, Parent ENERGIES and to them Eternal Light, anoints children and free-will to choose from their dominant vibration, the future of the seed.


No matter what age you are at this moment you have been given the Divine Privilege, to choose your Divine Parents, the combination of Energies, that have been coded into the KnewParentingCodes, available unto you, when you Inhale Wisdom and Exhale Confidence. Activating the Earth Kingdom renewal, remember, since you are born on the planet, your first, Divine Parents or your immediate source of Divine is WisdomConfidence, through WHOM, Eternal Light, Thought.Emotion.Action exists as Earth and their first children, Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest and Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution… Evolution is the KEY, because, she is the co-energy of Wisdom Confidence. So.It.Is

On the basis of your choosing to HONOUR WisdomConfidence, unveils your connection with the NOW External Kingdom of Power Gratitude, available in the PAUSE, before you step into the future you and before you step out of the passed you, the NOW. Their children, now Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine and Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine.

When you Inhale Pause Exhale Pause, you Access the External Kingdom energies, if you’ve followed the SHIFT thus far, so, you will know. that Gratitude is WHY and Love and Faith are the HOW and that they are the Foundation Energies fully present in the External Kingdom and so, the energies of the External Kingdom link you directly to the Internal Kingdom, with Faith & Love and their children Trust.Joy.Clarity and Thought.Emotion.Action with the PAUSE, Gratitude!

When you inhale Faith and exhale Love you step into the energies of the Eternal Kingdom, where you are given the Gift of Embrace Imagination and Alchemy Forgiveness and this is your PAUSE, and when your PRAYER meets THIS PAUSE you being to be filled with Eternal Light… the SOURCE CODE of the DIVINE ETERNAL LIGHT Parenting Code.

Inhale Prayer Exhale Prayer… You are NOW in RHYTHM with the KNEWEarth!


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