Activate Gratitude is Us: Forgiveness Gratitude

“Pause”, that is WHERE Gratitude is… So.It.Is

Today, the whole bunch of energies, we’ve activated over the month of May are all set to enter the Internal Kingdom with GratitudeWisdom. What a big moment for the Earth Kingdom

Gratitude, be-comes the “pause” for the Feminine and Power be-comes the “Pause” for the Masculine. So.It.Is


Forgiveness blesses her, with the title of the “Pause” this day, to meet her Emotion… Pause! To Include Gratitude Pause, to amplify Gratitude Pause, to be held in her arms Pause. Where there is a Pause… you meet Power Gratitude “Power Action Use”. This is HOW Power will fill you with the WHY. The Pause, is the tiny space between Inhale and Exhale. Inhale-Pause-Exhale.

Thought Pause- Emotion Pause- Action Pause So.It.Is.

Pay attention to buy the experience of the pause.

The pause is the Divine Journey from the External to the Earth Kingdom. The Point where all energies are available for you to harness and live. In the PAUSE you can both RECEIVE and RELEASE.

You are both Masculine and Feminine in NOW of the PAUSE. Focus your attention in-to the PAUSE. Pause, when you write, pause when you speak, use the SLOW to live the WORD and LIVE in the WORLD.

Wisdom meets  Confidence in the Pause. You can experience Divine Intervention in the Pause. When birthing, the PAUSE is the place of rest between the first push and the next. The pause is the … tiny miracle of PERFECT within the moment. Slow down, to receive, Gratitude and the next step to take. Pause, to allow your BRAIN-MIND to come into balance. PowerActionUse/Pause is How PowerGratitude are now consciously living on the planet. When you PAUSE you allow the Masculine to come into union/balance with the Feminine. The Pause, is the gestation period between concept – reality, between Thought-thing, between how man sees it and how Eternal Light vision of the moment.

The pause, is where the infinite wisdom of life is… You cannot hold the PAUSE, too long and your soul will leave your body. Too little and your body goes into stress, your blood rushes and you break into a sweat. The pause, opens your consciousness to the Divine Intervention of the MOMENT. To Eternal Light, all of creation is a pause. On earth you are taught to keep thinking, doing, stay busy so you don’t have time to pause.

When you don’t pause, you are under the influence of Man’s version of Eternal Light (God, as you call the infinite) in the Pause, you are God’s vision of Man. To meet the Divine Purpose of you, practice the PAUSE. Pause, before you speak, for when you speak a THOUGHT you have activated it. Pause before your Thought be-comes the dominant Emotion of the Thought. Pause before the Emotion becomes Action. In this way, you will be able to “activate” your Divine Balance.

Today, Power, puts Gratitude in CONTROL of her EARTH experience. She is the PAUSE. When she speaks she is the PAUSE the listener experiences. Very subtle, but yes, it is HIM in HER and through her with you. When you write, pause, between words, that you may “feel” POWER. When you are in POWER/ACTION, Pause, that you may experience the NOW of Gratitude in the moment.

The NOW is the PAUSE… in the NOW, the PASSED in irrelevant and the future is waiting to exhale. 


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