Activate Love Forgiveness Faith

Activate Thought For-Giving For-getting Emotion. Activate Love For-giving for-getting Faith. Activate Brain-Mind for giving for getting Money-Wealth.

Today Love steps in to fill the transition and transformation. It is also a new moon night, blessed wisdom is being filled this night with Power Confidence in Action. She beings with her, the KnewParentingCodes, be-coming of the KnewEarth. Introducing, should we say, re-introducing Eternal Light Vision. Today she is in the darkness of the womb, being filled with the Alchemy of Activate Love Forgiveness Faith.

The moon energy is Wisdom, in this way, when she streams the energies of Confidence (the sun), she gives Earth the Emotion. She is the Emotion of Confidence and Confidence is her action. So.It.Is

Love prepares the Earth through Wisdom for the reign of Power Gratitude and their children, now, complete in all-ways. Happy Birthday KnewEarth!

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