Activate Faith Forgiveness Power

Activate Faith For-giving For-getting Power, practically speaking, that is HOW you can include Action into all Thought.Emotion. Today is the day, when HE (Power) celebrates Gratitude and chooses to send out a power-fueled “Yes” to all Masculine energies, to follow the Leader… through Faith!

He calls out to all that is Masculine, to now step into the Feminine within and embrace her, to love her, to have faith in her. She is learning, leaning on Activate Faith Forgiveness to to empty her, that she may be filled again, this time, with Power, her Macsculine. In the same way all of Earth Feminine, receives her Masculine as Activate Faith Forgiveness Action now fills the Earth with the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine, from two separate identities, healing their passed that they may raise Gratitude Vision of the KnewEarth, with Wisdom Confidence.

Power Gratitude, are one breath of Eternal Light, flowing through the External Kingdom into the Earth Kingdom So.It.Is

Inhale PowerGratitude Exhale Power-Gratitude that their energy may fill your life, NOW. That you may receive them with Wisdom and Confidence.

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