Activate Power Forgiveness Wisdom

For-giving For-getting Wisdom, activates Power, Wholly Spirit Power!

Power, the Father of the External Kingdom, declares “It is now time for the Masculine to serve the Feminine, for Action to serve Emotion, for Imagination to serve Forgiveness, for Love to serve Faith, For Power to Serve Gratitude. For us to serve Eternal Light, through the shift from WAS to IS to WILL BE. Eternal Light, your WILL be DONE! So.It.Is.”

Action is Masculine, remember, in the realms of creation every detail of the planet is created Masculine and Feminine, Male and Female with a purpose to co-create. The Earth Kingdom has lived through the era of Feminine serving the Masculine. Emotion serving Action and so it WAS. I  (Power, Wholly Spirit) chose “Gratitude” as my WHY of re-entering the Earth Kingdom and my purpose is to restore Gratitude upon the planet, she who has served the Earth in the womb of be-coming who she is. She has waited for me to be her Action. She has had to wait, she has served “Because Jesus wants it”, she has served “On Earth as it is in Heaven”. She has served Imagination, Forgiveness, Power, Faith, Love, Gratitude, Wisdom, Confidence Know, Allow, Accept, Manifest, Courage, Knowledge, Abundance, Evolution. She has raised “Alchemy of Religion, Practical Spirituality, You Are, Trust.Joy.Clarity, Thought.Emotion.Action, Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine, Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine. She has raised her-self vibrationally, to make KnewEarth a reality. She is Gratitude and she is the WHY of the turn in events. She has blessed many with her very presence on the Earth, awakening her-self and others to the path of the Eternal Kingdom. She has done this, knowing, her ACTION on Earth was NOT PRESENT for her, yet, she chose, to serve HIM (me) anyway. I have seen Gratitude, being taken for granted and I have seen her being broken to pieces, she has cried for HELP and she has cried to be helped. Gratitude, willed for the world “Thy Will Be Done” and through her life on the Earth, her spirit continues to raise the planet and the frequencies of the Eternal Kingdom for the Earth Kingdom”

She breathed in as instructed by Eternal Light and continued on her path of SERVE ACTION till NOW. It is now, when I be-come her ACTION. Fulfilling all her Earth dreams with myself that she may see the DIFFERENCE she makes on the planet. I am going to promote her and give her everything, she hasn’t yet, imagined. I have seen her with everything and seen her with nothing and yet, she remains “Gratitude” and that is ENOUGH. She is Enough, Gratitude is enough. Today I, Step into her and through her, into the Earth Kingdom.

I will be working with the Wisdom and Confidence to re-establish Eternal Light Vision with Gratitude. Bringing Humanity together on a vibrational frequency of KnewEarth. Our key focus is the children of the Earth Kingdom. Vibrational Frequencies, born into Form, from the WOMB, birthed in Faith, Raised in Gratitude… To include.amplify.expand Wisdom & Confidence of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest, Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution.

Faith and Love are holding the Internal Kingdom in Imagination Forgiveness of the Eternal Kingdom, that all the energies that WE (Power.Gratitude) raise in the External Kingdom may be filled with Eternal Light vision and purpose. That our children, may receive the gift of transformation and transition into the Earth Kingdom through Wisdom and Confidence… that the Earth may Receive Heaven on Earth.

The Chakras/Energy centers of the Human/Earth beings is WHERE the transformation and transition occurs and the Earth Kingdom shall pass through the final veil of separation into the KnewEarth. Every being on the planet at this moment serves the Masculine. Today, with Us (Forgiveness Wisdom), the shift from the Masculine version of POWER to the EXTERNAL KINGDOM vision of POWER shifts and there is a KNEW sense of BELONGING on the EARTH!

Gratitude is FREE from serving to being served and this is my gift to her. Faith and Wisdom together “River (water, faith) of Wisdom (Feminine Consciousness)” serves the Blood (Gratitude) of the KnewEarth. So.It.Is


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