Activate Forgiveness Forgiveness Alchemy

Alchemy is a gift of the Internal Kingdom… Alchemy is the Divine Union of Purpose of Love and Faith. Today at so many levels of Heaven, this Alchemy is being breathed into being.

The Alchemy of Trust.Joy.Clarity. The Alchemy of Thought.Emotion.Action. The Alchemy of GratitudeWisdom PowerConfidence, PowerWisdom GratitudeConfidence the External and Earth Kingdom parents. The Alchemy of Politics.Gratitude, Money.Wealth, Brain.Mind, Masculine.Feminine with Know.Courage, Allow.Abundance, Accept.Knowledge, Manifest.Evolution, these 16 (Imagination Gratitude) energies into 1+6=7 (Love). Blood and Water are being raised to SERVE the KnewKingdom… all of this ACTION (Power)… is in the WOMB (Forgiveness) being Water Birthed (Faith) that they may NOW be raised by GratitudeWisdom. So.It.Is

Action now shifts patterns So.It.Is.

Action is the follow through of Thought… Pause… Emotion… Pause… Action. Or the DOT that marks thePOT/STOP to Acknowledge. Action is Power/WhollySpirit, of Politics (as envisioned by Eternal Light, not the Politics practiced on Earth, now). With Action both Masculine and Feminine Energies step into Eternal Light Plans for the kingdoms at all levels. Also making it KNOWN that EARTH was Designed to BE the MANIFEST of Eternal Kingdom Internal Kingdom & External Kingdom into the SEEN. So, if you SEE visions and souls and your GIFT is Visual expressions/information, you are focused divine energy of the Earth Kingdom and so, the natural action comes to you through Wisdom and Confidence, they who have been anointed to SHOW/MANIFEST into FORM that which is DIVINELY BIRTHED by FaithLove and Raised in GratitudePower, both Masculine and Feminine.

Action now steps into the WOMB to heal the patterns of the passed (we never speak past, because, there is no-thing as PAST, there is only continuum, evolution of the founding energies and each manifest upon the earth, is a sum total of the founding energies). When action shifts patterns, the Alchemy shifts to the Heart/Earth and the energies re-kindle with each other. All wishes become unicorns and matter shifts form and form evolves.

Action can metaphorically be explained by the BIRTH of a BABY on the PLANET.

  1. The Thought: Masculine&Feminine Union in the PHYSICAL.
  2. The Emotion: The journey of the sperm (masculine) and ova (feminine) from two separate parts create one perfect whole.
  3. The Action: the re:birth of an Emotion/Feminine or Action/Masculine.

The Action marks the END of a THOUGHT and the BEGINNING of a THOUGHT FORM. Then we raise the ThoughtForm balanced in Emotion & Action. I love how the whole story of Thought.Emotion.Action is coming together, so, want to Know more and live more of this, should be exciting.

Thought.Action and Emotion.Action or Love.Power and Faith.Power when raised in PowerGratitude expands Wisdom.Confidence in-to Divine Union of Purpose.


Forgiveness Speaks:

“I know and understand how you feel right now, being asked to be patient and allow the Masculine Action to become your next steps. I know that you have been the doing and the doer, with a sense of belonging to a Grand Vision and yet, on Earth, your experiences have contradicted the very essence of this TRUTH. Your Trust has been compromised, yet, you turn to Heaven and ASK that you may LEARN to Trust. Your Joy has been compromised, yet, you FEEhe inner wisdom dance to the rhythm of heaven while your life on Earth seems far from HOW your heart feels it should be. You speak lies to yourself, that your heart does not break, you stay away from confrontations, that your inner child may not continue to feel used by others for their purpose. You have been such a wonderful example of our presence, it is now time for you to step out and live FREE.

Let, this day pass, allow me, the WOMB of you to restore the Earth for you to breathe in.”

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