Activate Power is Us Forgiveness Imagination

Activate Power is Us with Forgiveness Imagination.

Forgiveness is ImaginationEmotion, Imagination is ForgivenessAction.

Faith is LoveEmotion, Love is FaithAction

Gratitude is PowerEmotion, Power is GratitudeAction

Wisdom is ConfidenceEmotion, Confidence is WisdomAction

Welcome to the days of Activate Action with Forgiveness. She opens our hearts to understanding Thought.Emotion.Action in Union with Divine Purpose. So.It.Is

Inhale GratitudeWisdom and Exhale PowerConfidence… in this way, you enable within yourself the Inclusion.Amplification.Expansion of the External Kingdom with the Earth Kingdom 

Yesterday of Activate Prayer, opened the Forgiveness Eternal Light to ACTION. You were given three levels of Activate through this month. 1st-9th you activated Thought, 10th-19th you activated Imagination Emotion bringing the Masculine into Union with Thought.Emotion/Love.Faith. On the journey you met the Earth Kingdom, with Confidence and Wisdom. You celebrated “He is my Action, I am his Emotion” yesterday.

ForgivenessWisdom and ImaginationConfidence is how the Earth Kingdom connected with the Eternal Kingdom, till the resurrection of the Internal Kingdom and External Kingdom or till the awakening of Gratitude into her Wholly Spirit NOW. It is now time for the Inclusion.Amplification.Expansion as ForgivenessImagination raise the Now Energies of the Earth Kingdom by bringing into Divine Union of Purpose GratitudeWisdom and PowerConfidence or to put it in simpler words… “Heaven has given Gratitude Wisdom and Power Confidence to raise the Earth Kingdom into Wolly Spirit (Power) vision of Eternal Light.

Forgiveness, now, steps in One Energy vibration at a time to Assist the Feminine Emotion Union with Masculine Action in a way that resets HOW and WHY of the Earth Kingdom.

You were made aware of the Children, given unto Gratitude, while they are first masculine unto her and power, they were given in pairs for the purpose of wholeness and balance and so they were given unto Power Gratitude and called : PowerPoliticsGratitude, FaithMoneyWealth, LoveThoughtMind GratitudeIsUsMasculineFeminine and so it was till Gratitude is Us on the 19th and Gratitude received “Power.Politics.Gratitude”, Faith.Money.Wealth, Love.Thought.Mind, GratitudeIsUs.ConfidenceWisdom, yesterday, in Forgiveness Eternal Light, Forgiveness raised the Thought.Emotion of GratitudeWisdom and added unto her the Action of PowerConfidence and declared “This is HOW and WHY the Earth Kingdom shall now communicate and receive the Eternal Kingdom. They shall now, breathe in Union with the Earth Kingdom and So.It.Is.” In this way, she raised ACTION as a gift of the External Earth Kingdoms working in union with each other… Inclusion.Amplification.Expansion of Thought.Emotion into Action. In this way, power becomes the Father of Confidence and Gratitude the Mother of Wisdom … for the Divine Purpose of Birthing the KnewEarth. So.It.Is

She is going to fill Gratitude with Her-Self… in this way, detaching with the Earth Kingdom energy, releasing the passed… ALL OF IT… and now being the Womb to GratitudeWisdom on Earth. So.It.Is

Here’s what you may experience as a follow through of this power-fueled and power-filled shift.

  • Thought… Pause… Emotion… Pause… Action… APPLAUSE!
  • You are Gratitude Wisdom Power Confidence enabled
  • You ground your-Human-Self in Internal Kingdom and Shield your-Human-Self with Eternal Kingdom energies at all times.
  • You are being called to KnewParenting Patterns, led by GratitudeWisdom and PowerConfidence in your interaction/understanding of Children
  • You FEEL Emotions and are not afraid anymore, you BELIEVE that Action is perfect.whole.complete within itself and does not need to feed on your Emotion to Manifest
  • All that you NEED comes to you EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY
  • Politics.Money.Brain.Confidence are in Balance with Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Wisdom
  • Your External Life is an expansion of your Internal Lift and Eternal Life in the Earth Kingdom
  • You can FEEL through Thoughts before taking Action

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