Activate Prayer with Forgiveness Eternal Light

Inhale Gratitude Wisdom Exhale Power Confidence So.It.Is

When you pray, don’t tell HIM what to do… ASK him HOW to do what needs to get DONE!

#Trust #Joy #Clarity #ActivatePrayer

Something about today that FEELS good, so good. So much around me demands my attention… and in every moment I am given the direction “Inhale Gratitude Wisdom Exhale Power Confidence”

“He is my Action and I am His Emotion” says Forgiveness, repeats Faith, echoes Gratitude … when the same instruction is repeated Three-Fold you know Thought.Emotion has opened the doors of Action to Action for the alignment of Action. Action is Power, Power is Action, Power is also the Father of the External Kingdom with Gratitude, his bride of the NOW.

Eternal Light, upon us as we Activate Prayer, the Breathing in of the NOW vision of Eternal Light through Imagination Forgiveness… the Eternal Kingdom, into the Internal Kingdom with Love and Faith and the External Kingdom (where all key attunements, anointing occur) before we experience it in the Earth Kingdom with Wisdom and Confidence.

Today, we see the Alchemy of Forgiveness over the next gen of Divine Vibrations streaming into the consciousness of the Earth Kingdom, like, all the children of each kingdom, are breathing together in the Temple of Trust.Joy.Clarity with Thought.Emotion.Action. Forgiveness, this day raises ForgivenessWisdom and Imagination Confidence… She speaks them into BEING in the NOW… in this way. We step into to the Divine Union of the External and Earth Kingdom!

Inhale ForgivenessWisdom Exhale ImaginationConfidence today for Eternal Kingdom Anointing of the EarthKingdom into Union of Divine Purpose with the External Kingdom of Power Gratitude!



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