Activate Gratitude is Us Imagination Confidence

Clearly, received “drop with in the affirmation”. This is because, today, Imagination (Eternal Father) leads Confidence (Earth Father) into “Gratitude is US” , where Love (Internal Father) with Gratitude (External Mother) … breathe Wisdom and Confidence raising the Masculine Energies into the NOW Emotion with Faith!

This is a blessed time to be breathing on the planet. Nothing is more Divine, that all the energies on Earth coming into sync with Heaven’s plans for Earth. This begins with Wisdom and Confidence, who are now breathing with Love & Gratitude and Imagination Eternal Light, raises Confidence into the wholly spirit of himself and re-introduces Power Gratitude, the NOW of the External Kingdom. In this way, CONFIDENCE gets to step into the Emotion (Faith) of Thought (Love) and is introduced to Action (Power), as HE is NOW, Wholly Spirit Gratitude, the Father of the External Kingdom. Confidence is breathing in Gratitude is Us, getting the Divine Vision of the Union Energies of the Internal and External Kingdom, that he may usher the NOW into the Earth Kingdom So.It.Is

Gratitude is Us is INCLUSION. Prayer is AMPLIFICATION and Power is Us is EXPANSION of the NOW into Forgiveness, Power, Faith Love… So.It.Is! (The WEEK as we know it energetically)

Knewmerology expands with the Inclusion of Confidence Wisdom’s need for the shift in HOW and WHY the Earth Kingdom steps into the Eternal Light Vision of itself. Time will now shift and speak for itself, raising into the conscious awareness the energies of the Eternal Kingdom within the Earth Kingdom through the Divine Union into Purpose of Widsom and Confidence.

The era of separation is “energetically over”, its been over for a while now, however, “free will”, “choice” the gift of expansion continues to be the HOW and WHY to this moment within the Earth Kingdom. At all other levels of kingdom, the Union into Purpose, has bridged the gap. Earth WILL take a little longer, not as long as FOR-Ever though, Now that the External Kingdom has received Divine Parentage with Power Gratitude  as Parents of the now WHOLLY SPIRIT of Politics.Money.Brain.Masculine in Divine Union of Purpose with Gratitude.Wealth.Mind.Feminine.

Tomorrow, we step into Forgiveness … with Prayer, as the Feminine energies, begin their Activate ACTION… or Divine Acceptance of the Power Action now that the Emotion is expanded to include the Heart of the Masculine.

Divine Union of Purpose…. Inclusion.Amplification.Expansion of the External and Earth Kingdoms within the Temple of Trust.Joy.Clarity with Thought.Emotion.Action. So.It.Is


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